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DIY Hi-Fi Phono Projects - Turntables, RIAA Preamps

DIY Hi-Fi Phono Projects - Turntables, RIAA Preamps

DIY phonograph projects for listening to your vinyl LP records. The projects include a DIY turntable (record player) and a number of RIAA phono preamplifiers using different electronic devices. Questions and discussion about vinyl LP records, hi-fi turntables and phono preamplifiers is welcome in our DIY audio forum.

Phono, LP Record and Hi-Fi Turntable Setup Accessories

Last update: 11 January 2015

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DIY Hi-Fi Phono Projects - Turntables and RIAA Phono Preamplifiers

Opamp based RIAA Preamplifier for MM and MC Phono Cartridges Op-amp based RIAA Preamp for MM / MC Phono Cartridges - 1 Sept 2013  USA Flag   NEW     Low Voltage 

This project by Bruce is for a relatively simple but high performance RIAA phono preamplifier that can handle both moving magnet (MM) and low output moving coil (LOMC) cartridges. The preamplifier circuit uses a Burr-Brown OPA2134 operational amplifier (op-amp) and a passive RIAA filter. The power supply makes clever use of a Meanwell DCW03A-12 DC to DC converter to produce a regulated symmetrical power supply. The RIAA preamplifier can be built for about $100US including a modest enclosure. Bruce reports that this is a "surprisingly nice sounding preamplifier".

DIY Hi-Fi Phono Turntable DIY Hi-Fi Phono Turntable - 26 March 2012   Hungarian Flag

Nandor a very talented DIYer from Hungary has built this fabulous looking Hi-Fi record player. The DIY turntable project uses the platter and the direct drive motor assembly and controls from a Dual 701 record player. The tonearm is built from scratch following a magnetically Stabilized design which means that there are no fixed pivot points or bearings. The turntable plinth is made using stacked layers of plywood. A DIY record weight rounds out this challenging DIY record player project.

DIY (12AX7 / 12AT7) Tube RIAA Phono Preamp DIY (12AX7 / 12AT7) Tube RIAA Phono Preamplifier - 1 November 2011  USA Flag   UPDATED 
This is the Groovewatt phono preamplifier design by Bruce Heran. The DIY tube RIAA phono preamp design uses two 12AX7 SRPP gain stages, passive RIAA equalization and a 12AT7 cathode follower. Gain is 45 dB, sufficient for use with a high output MC phono cartridge. The preamp uses solid state HT power supply and DC for the heaters.

Boozhound Laboratories JFET Phono Preamp Kit DIY JFET RIAA Phono Preamplifier Kit - 10 July 2011   Australian Flag    KIT     Low Voltage 
Mark has put together the $79US JFET Phono Preamp Kit from Boozhound Laboratories. The RIAA phono preamp kit consists of a PCB, the circuit parts and detailed building instructions. The builder will need to provide a 24VDC power supply, a chassis and miscellaneous hardware like connectors and switches. The kit uses JFET transistors and comes with fabulous vintage Russian military paper-in-oil (PIO) capacitors. Mark reports that this is his best phono preamp so far!

Le Pacific JFET RIAA Phono Preamplifier Le Pacific JFET RIAA Phono Preamplifier - 10 July 2011   Australian Flag    Low Voltage 

Mark has built several RIAA phono preamplifiers using the popular Le Pacific phone preamp circuit. The Le Pacific preamp circuit is based around a couple of JFET transistors and has sufficient gain for use with MM phono cartridges. An additional gain stage is available to accommodate MC phono cartridges. The RIAA circuit is powered from a 24VDC supply and the current draw is low so a battery supply can be used. The JFET Phono Preamp Kit from Boozhound Laboratories reviewed about is based on the Le Pacific circuit. This is a simple circuit that sounds real good. Be sure to use matched transistors.

Moving Magnet (MM) RIAA Phono Preamplifier Kit RIAA Phono Preamp Kit for Moving Magnet (MM) Cartridges - 1 December 2008  Australian Flag    KIT 
Mark has constructed and tested a phono preamplifier kit for moving magnet (MM) phono cartridges. The kit comes complete with everything you need except for an enclosure and a power supply (AC walwart). The circuit is from Silicon Chip Magazine, August 2006 and uses LM833 opamps and a regulated power supply section. The design supports multiple frequency compensations, including RIAA and DECCA. Mark reports that the kit is dead quiet, performs well and holds it's own against a popular commercial phono preamplifier. Try this kit with premium quality opamps.