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12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Kit

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Page 1: Introduction, 12AX7 Valve Preamp, Kit Assembly
Page 2: Enclosure, Sound
Page 3: Measurements
Page 4: More Photographs

More Photographs - 12AX7 Tube Preamp Kit

Here are a few photographs of another 12AX7 Preamplifier Kit that I recently completed.

PCBs for 12AX7 Preamplifier Kit
Photograph 09 - PCBs for 12AX7 Preamplifier Kit

PCBs for 12AX7 Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Photograph 10 - PCBs for 12AX7 Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

12AX7 PCBs and Enclosure
Photograph 11 - 12AX7 PCBs and Enclosure

Finished 12AX7 Preamplifier Kit
Photograph 12 - Finished 12AX7 Preamplifier Kit

UPDATE - December 2008
Unfortunately the 12AX7 tube preamplifier kit is no longer available from the supplier. Note that this is a fairly simple tube preamp and once can easily build this using point-to-point construction and with conventional linear power supply. For the latest update on this project, see the 12AX7 Tube Preamplifier Project on the forum where you can ask questions.

 UPDATE  - December 2013
Take a look at the 4S Universal Tube Preamplifier (12A*7) Project if you are looking for a simple tube preamplifier circuit.

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