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Lyeco LY802F Aperiodic Enclosure

This is my entry for the Lyeco LY802 Full Range Contest, an Aperiodic speaker enclosure.

Items needed:

  • Pair of Lyeco LY802F drivers.
  • One 5' x 5' sheet of 18mm Baltic birch plywood.
  • A few inches of 3" plastic pipe.
  • 1 lbs polyester stuffing.
  • Dense open-cell foam, an old sock, felt, whatever, to cram in pipe.
  • Binding posts, wire, spikes, soldering iron, (table) saw, router, glue, clamps, etc..


  • Set table saw fence at 9.75" and cut the plywood twice across the face grain then 6 times with the grain. This will leave you with eight 9.75" boards, 6 at about 40" and 2 at 5' long.
  • Cut the two long boards to match the others.
  • Cut four 8.25" x 9.75" pieces from the leftovers for the top and bottom.
  • Take the two nicest looking 40" pieces with the grain lengthwise and rout out the driver holes 6.5" from one end.
  • In the two 40" pieces with the grain across the board, rout/ drill holes for binding posts at whatever height you prefer.
  • Pick the two ugliest of the 8 x 9.75" boards and rout holes large enough (3.5"?) to snugly fit some 3" pipe. These will be the bottoms.
  • Cut two 1.5" sections of pipe.
  • Glue up the cabinets, such that the front baffle and back sandwich the sides and top. The finished cabinet will be roughly 9.75"W x 11.25"D x 40"H externally. (8.25" x 9.75" x 38.5" internally).
  • Fill each cabinet with 0.5 lb stuffing (roughly 0.3lb/cu ft).
  • Hook up the drivers.
  • Stuff the ports.
  • Enjoy!

Okay, I skipped a few details, but you get the idea. The enclosure plan is shown below.

Lyeco LY802F Aperiodic Enclosure Plan
Drawing 01: Lyeco LY802F Aperiodic Enclosure Plan

This design modelled the closest to an infinite baffle as I could get with a reasonable size (and a single sheet of BB!). Nice and smooth FR, with an F-3 in the mid 60s.

Calculated Frequency Response - Lyeco LY802F Aperiodic Enclosure
Figure 01: Calculated Frequency Response - Lyeco LY802F Aperiodic Enclosure