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This is my entry for the Lyeco LY802 Full Range Contest The LY802F drivers have a Qt of 0.72, and thus are likely best suited for an open baffle design, but should also work well in a sealed enclosure. I tried some ported (bass reflex) enclosures, but I was not happy with the estimated response curves. With the success of the Sealed Fostex FE127E project, I thought I would keep things simple and design sealed enclosure for the LY802F.


For the LY802F driver, the optimum sealed volume is in the order of about 300L! However, this volume has a very poor WAF. With a 100L enclosure you can get a reasonably tall and thin enclosure with a good response. Below a volume of about 100L you start to get a hump in the frequency response at about 100Hz. Figure 01 shows the 100L frequency response calculated using WinISD.

Calculated Frequency Response - Lyeco LY802F Sealed Tower Speaker
Figure 01: Calculated Frequency Response - Lyeco LY802F Sealed Tower Speaker

A sealed enclosure will provide excellent cone control resulting in great midrange and nice tight bass. A subwoofer can be used to fill in the bottom end. A crossover point of about 50-60Hz should work well. However, some may be happy with the full range response, F3 ~ 55Hz and F10 ~ 37Hz.

A proposed enclosure design for the Lyeco LY802F Sealed Tower is shown in Drawing 01 with the design notes shown in Drawing 02.

Lyeco LY802F Sealed Enclosure Plan
Drawing 01: Lyeco LY802F Sealed Enclosure Plan

A single driver design will need a baffle step correction (BSC). The amount of attenuation required will be room and amplifier dependent. About 4 to 6 dB is a good starting point. Use the component values shown in Drawing 02 and tune the BSC to your room and amplifier.

Lyeco LY802F Enclosure Design Notes
Drawing 02: Lyeco LY802F Sealed Tower Notes