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The enclosure was constructed out of 3/4" (19 mm) MDF. Baltic birch plywood is likely a better choice from an acoustic perspective, but I felt that MDF would be easier to work with. I suspect that 1/2" MDF would have been sufficient. Many thanks go out to Mark of Mach 5 Audio who did most of the woodworking. Photograph 02 below shows the chamfer behind the driver which was created with a router. Also shown in the photograph is the 1/4" thick upholsterers felt used for damping the upper portion of the enclosure.

Chamfer and upholsterers felt.
Photograph 02: Chamfer and Upholsterers Felt

Photograph 03 below shows the damping material used in the remainder of the enclosure. The polyester pillow stuffing was purchased from Wal-Mart.

Polyester pillow stuffing.
Photograph 03: Polyester Pillow Stuffing

Each driver is connected to a separate pair of binding posts. This provides the ability to easily connect the drivers in series for a 16 ohm load or in parallel for a 4 ohm load. The dual binding post speaker plates were purchased from mach5audio.


These speakers can really sing. The initial impressions were very positive. The Fostex FE127E full-range driver extends higher than I was expecting. As with most full-range speakers, you get good imaging. The bipole configuration provides a wide soundstage and good depth. With the sealed enclosure, you get excellent cone control, great mid-range and you can develop moderate SPL. The mid-range is much better than that from the Radio Shack 40-1197 BD-Pipes project and the FE127E is not as forward and is more extended than the Radio Shack 40-1197. The bottom end is filled in with a diy 10" subwoofer crossing over at about 80 Hz.

Photograph 04 below shows the initial listening setup. The wife pleaser in the middle is one of Mark's experiments ... a 20" subwoofer in an open baffle!

Fostex FE127E Sealed Bipoles with 20 inch Open Baffle Subwoofer
Photograph 04: FE127E Sealed Bipoles with 20" Open Baffle Subwoofer

The speakers were finished with two coats of a white sealing primer and two coats of an off-white cream which is pretty close to the color of the cone. The same color was used on my 10" diy subwoofer project that I mate with these speakers.

Finished FE127E Sealed Bipole Speaker
Photograph 05: Finished FE127E Sealed Bipole Speaker

Update: 12 November 2006

Also, take a look at Alex's build of the Fostex FE127E Sealed Bipole Speaker Project who did a great job constructing the enclosure using MDF and solid narra.

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Introduction, FE127E Driver, Selaed Enclosures, Bipole Speakers, Design
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