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Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Note - this driver has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. The Fostex FE167E is a 165 mm (6.5") full-range loudspeaker driver. Like most Foxtex speakers, the driver is well built and provides good performance for the cost. There are several projects on the internet that have shown the Fostex FE167E driver using in a variety of enclosures that include sealed, bass reflex, Transmission Line and Quarter Wavelength enclosures. The FE167E is a magnetically shielded driver and constructed on a stamped frame. The paper cone and whizzer are constructed from banana plant fiber which is very light. The efficiency of the FE167E is relatively high (about 94 dB / 1W at 1m) and the frequency response is good through the midrange but a little rough on the top end. This driver is best when listened to slightly off axis. The small excursion of 0.6 mm limits the maximum potential output.

Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speakers

Photograph 1: Fostex FE167E Fullrange Speaker Driver

There are a number of small modifications and tweaks that can be made to the speaker driver to improve performance. For examples, most of the the ideas shown in the Fostex FE206E / FE206En driver modifications and tweaks page could be applied to the FE167E.

T/S Parameters - Fostex FE167E Driver

The Thiele/Small Parameters for the Fostex FE167E drivers provided by Foxtex are shown in the table below.

T/S Parameters - Fostex FE167E Fullrange Driver

 Parameter   Fostex 
Fs 51.5 Hz
Vas 35.94 L
Qts 0.31
Qes 0.33
Qms 4.63
Re 7.1 Ohms
Le n/a
SPL 94 dB

Datasheet - Fostex FE167E Speaker

Fostex FE167E Measured Frequency Response

The measured frequency response of the Fostex FE167E driver is shown below in Figure 1. The measurements are nearfield, with the driver mounted in the Fostex FE167E Reccomended Bass Reflex Enclosure.

Fostex FE167E Measured Frequency Response

Figure 1: Fostex FE167E Speaker - Measured Frequency Response

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