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To fill in the bottom end of my Sealed Bipole with Fostex FE127E, I decided to design and build a small subwoofer which would mate up with these fantastic sounding fullrange speakers. This subwoofer project uses an inexpensive driver which was available locally. To make the subwoofer more flexible, it houses a 70W plate amplifier, but can also be powered with an external amplifier. The enclosure is a simple bass reflex box constructed using 3/4" MDF.


This subwoofer project uses the MAW-10 subwoofer from Mach 5 Audio. A picture of the driver is shown below in Photograph 01. The MAW-10 subwoofer is 10" in diameter and very well built. The driver has a rubber surround and houses a 2 inch voice coil with vented pole piece, wrapped in a 2.5 pound magnet structure. The cast frame is thick and the total weight of the driver is 6.7 kg. The T/S parameters are available from the Mach 5 Audio. MAW-10 Subwoofer Driver
Photograph 01: MAW-10 Subwoofer Driver


Ported (Bass Reflex) Enclosure A ported enclosure improves the low frequency response of the loudspeaker by using reflex ports to transmit the energy from the rear of the driver to the listener. Ported enclosures are also referred to as vented or bass reflex. The interior of such enclosures are often lined with a damping material to damp the resonance and absorb the midrange from the rear of the driver diaphragm. This type of enclosure is very common as it lends itself to small size and reasonable bass.


The frequency response as calculated using WinISD is shown below in Figure 01. This frequency response corresponds to a design volume of 30L with the enclosure tuned to 29 Hz.

Calculated Frequency Response - MAW-10 Subwoofer
Figure 01: Calculated Frequency Response - MAW-10 Subwoofer

The enclosure design for this subwoofer project is shown below in Drawing 01. The actual volume of the enclosure shown in the drawing has been increased to account for the space occupied by the frame and magnet structure of the driver, as well as the space occupied by plate amplifier. Rather than use a pipe for the reflex port, the enclosure is vented using two square ports (1.5" X 1.5") which exit at the rear of the enclosure. The port lengths are 12.25" and are constructed using MDF.

MAW-10 Bass Reflex Subwoofer Enclosure Plan
Drawing 01: MAW-10 Ported Subwoofer Enclosure Plan

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Construction, Cost, Sound