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This is a small and inexpensive fullrange bookshelf speaker that uses the Aura NS3-194-8E fullrange driver. The drivers were on sale for $10.50US from Madisound. This speaker was developed for use with a Sonic Impact T-Amp, and I have found that it also works very well with the higher powered Amp6. The design goals for this project were: cheap, simple, audiophile sound, good bass, no crossover.


The enclosure design for this project is shown below in Drawings 01 through 03.

Bookshelf Enclosure Plan - Front
Drawing 01: DelSol Enclosure Plan - Front

Bass Reflex Enclosure Plan - Side
Drawing 02: DelSol Enclosure Plan - Side

DelSol Enclosure Plan - Bottom
Drawing 03: DelSol Enclosure Plan - Bottom

The internal box dimensions are 6.5" X 5" X 8.25" and the port is 2" diameter by 2.75" long. If you use WinISD with the manufactures specifications, the optimum port length is in the order of about 5". With a 5" long port, there is diminished output in the lows and there is less "presence". I suspect that the manufacturer specifications are not all that acurate as they quote a tollerance of +/-25%.

After comparing to some factory 4" monitors, I'd suggest trying the 5" port if you like that sort of neutral sound, and can live with the diminished bass. However I prefer the livelier sound with the 2.75" port length.


The sound is very good, clean, detailed at low levels, but equally impressive turned up loud. I can't imagine a better bargain for a small DIY project.

If you have any questions or comments, please join in the discussion at diyAudio.

Photographs 01 and 02 below show the prototypes, I have yet to make the pretty pair.

Prototype DelSol Speaker - Front
Photograph 01: Prototype DelSol Speaker - Front

Prototype DelSol Speaker - Bottom
Photograph 02: Prototype DelSol Speaker - Bottom

Photograph 03 below shows Barry's build of the DelSol Speaker. For more information about Barry's DelSol Speaker project, see the K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit and The DelSol Speaker project.

Barry's Build of the DelSol Speaker
Photograph 03: Barry's Build of the DelSol Speaker