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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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ClubSpeakers.jpgMelbourne Audio Club December meeting 200712143 viewsDIY night is traditionally held the last meeting of the year. Not only was there a varied array of DIY speakers there was also amps and cables and processing gear. My equipment (Synergy) was demonstrated through the big light coloured boxes which sounded commanding in the large meeting room.
Bookshelf-Speaker-Modification.jpgModified cheap bookshelf speakers11641 viewsThese started as a $60 pair of speakers but with a new mylar ferro-cooled tweeter, a modified quality replacement cross over, binding posts and additional dampening they sound like 1 million dollars!
DIY-Phono-Turntable-1.jpgDIY Phono Turntable11522 viewsDo-It-Yourself (DIY) phono turntable. I used MDF filled with concrete / latex added to mix then veneered with Quilted Maple. The bearing is High grade SS and the cup is made of Oilite. The spikes are 2 piece with a rubber damper inside. The Motor is powered by a UPS battery enclosed in the small matching box.
Doug M
diy-cat5-speaker-cable.jpgDIY CAT5 Speaker Cables11483 viewsDIY Speaker Cables made using Category 5 (CAT5) network wire. The Cat5 cables are braided together as shown in the photo and terminated using banana plugs.
John-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier.jpgSingle Ended Class A Mosfet Amplifier11302 viewsJohn's build of Mark's Single Ended DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier.
DIY-Class-A-Single-Ended-Amplifier-2SK1058-Mosfet.jpgDIY Class-A Single Ended (SE) Amplifier with 2SK1058 Mosfet11208 viewsImplementation of Mark's DIY Class A 2SK1058 MOSFET Amplifier Project. It was difficult to obtain good 10W non-inductive wire wound resistors, so a 12V 20W lamp was used in place of the load resistors. Like in ZenLite Amplifier. :)

Here is a link to more pictures of the amplifier.
PE-Curved-Speaker-Box-Inside.jpgInside of Curved Parts Express Cabinet11015 viewsInside view of the 0.38 ft^3 Curved Parts Express Cabinet. The baffle fits in tightly and is held in place with four nuts.
DIY-Phono-Turntable-3~9.jpgDIY Phono Turntable Project10974 viewsI used MDF filled with concrete / latex added to mix then veneered with Quilted Maple. The bearing is High grade SS and the cup is made of Oilite. The spikes are 2 piece with a rubber damper inside. The Motor is powered by a UPS battery enclosed in the small matching box.
Doug M
Mike-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amp1.jpgDIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier - Back10853 viewsRear view of the amplifier build. The amp follows Mark's DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Project. More information and pictures are available here.
Aussieamps-nxV200-V-Fet-200W-Class-D-amp.JPGAussieamps nxV200 V-FET 200W Amplifier10849 viewsI was given the task to assemble two complete stereo amps based on the Aussieamps nxV200 V-FET amp modules. These are exquisitely made extremely compact amp modules based on two large and very powerful V-FETs. The remaining components are surface mounted (SMT). To achieve 200W into 4ohms a +/- 56V was required. The toroid transformer has 40V windings and 20,000 uF 100V caps (per rail and snubbed) are used. Four fast high surge diodes (each snubbed) made up the rectifier.

OFC medium gauge speaker wire was used for hook-up with silver soldier. Large brass cones
hold the amp high off the ground for cooling and resonance control.

The sound is pristine, clean and clear. Stereo image is detailed and 3D holographic. This amp will play extremely loud when pressed showing no signs of harshness or stress. I recommend the amp modules.
DSCF1552~3.JPGTransmission Line boxes for Jordan JX92S10743 viewsThese were built by a Melbourne Audio Club member for a pair of Jordan JX92S fullrange speakers (see other image).
Fostex-FX120-Magnet.jpgFostex FX120 Speaker Mounted on Baffle10697 viewsThe Fostex FX120 Fullrange Speakers have a removable rubber ring that goes around the magnet. The baffle is 1" thick, so I used to router to make a 1/2" chamfer to give the driver some room to breathe. The hookup wire is plain 22 ga copper.
Fostex-FE103E-ZigmaHornet.jpgUnfinished Zigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10570 viewsZigmahornet Speakers with the Fostex FE103E fullrange driver prior to staining.
2SK1058-2SK1057-2SK1056-IRFP240-classA-Mosfet-Amplifier.png2SK1058 / 2SK1057 / 2SK1056 / IRFP240 Class A Mosfet Amplifier Schematic10454 viewsSchematic of Ivan's modified version of Mark's simple DIY 2SK1058 Mosfet Amplifier. This version uses a 12V / 20W light for the load resistor.
DIY-Interconnect-Wires.jpgDIY RCA Interconnect Cables10403 views24ga shielded silver plated OFC copper twisted pair with Teflon dielectric. Machined RCAs and hardware are from surplus auto interconnects. Including TechFlex and heat shrink, these cost under five bucks.

Related: DIY RCA Silver Interconnect Cables
Goldwood-Open-Baffle-Speakers.jpg8" and 15" Goldwood Open Baffle Speakers10382 viewsGoldwood 8" full rangers whizzers and all (Qts 1.07) which should do the trick for the midbass lacking with the low Qts Fostex FE126E. The Goldwood 8 inchers have great bass in OB compared to the Fostex and really don't need that much bass augmentation.I ran the 8" full range and LP the 15" Goldwood subs in at 60hz. Nice deep bass, nice midbass punch and smooth highs. This speaker has a nice vintage tone that is definitely on the warm side. Just how I like it.
DIY-Hi-Vi-Tower-Loudspeaker-Project.jpgHi-Vi Tower-Speaker Project10370 viewsTower loudspeaker project using all Hi-Vi drivers. See the DIY Hi-Vi 3-Way Tower Loudspeaker Project page for more info.
Fostex-FF85K-Eminence-Alpha-15A-Open-Baffle-Speaker~4.jpgFostex FF85K / Eminence Alpha 15A Open Baffle Speaker10324 viewsOpen Baffle speakers put together by Keith. They use the 3" Fostex FF85K fullrange driver for the mid and top and the 15" Eminence Alpha 15A for the bottom. Sorry I did not get the crossover details.

The little speaker in the corner is a Tang Band D4-1 DIY Back Horn Speaker Kit.
Fostex-FE-103E-Zigmahornets.jpgZigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10286 viewsA pair of DIY FE103E Zigmahornet Speakers with Fostex FE103E fullrange driver.
DIY-Hi-Vi-3-Way-Tower-Loudspeakers.jpgDIY Hi-Vi 3-Way Tower Loudspeakers10235 viewsDaniel's version of Adam's DIY 3-Way Hi-Vi Tower Speaker Project. Daniel reports that the speakers sound great. More pictures and info about Daniel's build is available at his webpage.
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