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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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Finished-AMP6-T-Amp-Front.jpgAMP6 T-Amp (Class-T) - Front5573 viewsFront view of finished DIY AMP6 T-Amp kit.Dec 03, 2007
SV100841.JPGInside the Step-up tranni box for MM cartridge6040 viewsThe inside of the box is lined with sticky bituminised-aluminum foil and speaker dampening vinyl. Pure silver wire, gold connectors and silver solder are used throughout. Velcro pads hold the transformers in place. The step-up transformers are wired for 6 dB gain. For more information, see my project write-up on the DIY Lundahl Moving Magnet Phono Step-Up Transformers.Dec 02, 2007
SV100843~0.JPGLundahl transformer step-up project for MM cartridge.6345 viewsI recently upgraded my Raga Planar 3 with a Grado wood bodied Platinum reference cartridge. But output was low from the Pro-Ject SE phono preamp. LL1550 trannies supplied by K & K Audio and printed circuit boards allowed me to build a step-up kit in the wooden box the Grado cartridge came in. Compact and beautiful! For more information, see DIY Lundahl MM Phono Step-Up Transformers.Dec 02, 2007
SV100852.JPG175W DIY Solid State Amp Kit16057 viewsThough this amp is designed as a hi-fi power amp with very low distortion figures, I use it as a guitar amp due to it’s high power. The PS is rated at 500VA. It plays extremely loud and can deliver nearly 200W into 4 ohms.Dec 01, 2007
Finish.JPGTandy Optimus 77 Upgrade13085 viewsThese Tandy Optimus 77, though many years old, had never been used. They were in as new condition but the woofer surround had rotted. I replaced the 5” woofer with an inexpensive 4” driver. I made clamps to hold it in place and heavy foam to ensure a good seal. The Xover 4.7uf cap was replaced with a quality cap and additional dampening added. They good but not stunning.Dec 01, 2007
Fostex-FE206E-Rear-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E Rear Loaded Horn22458 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange loudspeakers. The cabinet is the Fostex FE208E Sigma recommended enclosure. Two layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.Nov 17, 2007
Fostex-FE208e-Sigma-Enclosure.pdfFostex FE208E Sigma Reccomended Enclosure17940 viewsThe Fostex recommended enclosure plans for the FE208EZ. Nov 17, 2007
Fostex-FE206E-Back-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E in Back Loaded Horn Enclosure18107 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange speaker drivers in the Fostex FE208 Sigma recommended cabinets. The speaker cabinets are made using 2 layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.Nov 17, 2007
LM3875-Gainclone-Enclosure.jpgLM3875 Gainclone Enclosure8515 viewsFinal shot of my DIY Gainclone project.Nov 15, 2007
LM3875-Gainclone-Protoboard.jpgDIY LM3875 Gainclone on Protoboard7812 viewsAnother view of the LM3875 Gainclone on a Protoboard. The schematic is the same as Mark's DIY LM3875 Gainclone project. All of the parts (except the chip) are from Dick Smith and can also be found at Radio Shack in the US.Nov 15, 2007
Finished-LM3875-Gainclone.jpgFinished LM3875 Gainclone Enclosure5265 viewsThe finished enclosure for my LM3875 Gainclone. The enclosure is from Jaycar and was $15. See the other pictures for more info.Nov 15, 2007
LM3875-Gainclone-Breadboard.jpgLM3875 Gainclone on Breadboard6126 viewsLM3875 Gainclone. The circuit is the same as Mark's LM3875 Gainclone. Most of the parts are from Dick Smith which can also be found at Radio Shack.Nov 15, 2007
LM3875-Chipamp-Enclosure.jpgLM3875 Chipamp Enclosure5989 viewsThis is my LM3875 DIY Chipamp / Gainclone . Please see the other pictures for more details.Nov 15, 2007
MAW-10-DIY-Subwoofer-Jim.jpgJim's MAW-10 DIY Subwoofer 22482 viewsJim's build of the DIY 10" Ported Subwoofer Project.Nov 05, 2007
2-channel-Hi-Fi-Setup.jpgGio's Two Channel Hi-Fi Setup5867 viewsThis is my current 2-channel setup. NAD C521 CD player, NAD C162 preamp, DIY 50EH5 Tube Amp which drives Radio Shack 40-1310 Super Tweeters) and LM3886 Chip Amplifier (Gainclone) which drives a pair of BD-Pipes with Radio Shack 40-1197 drivers. The small box on the bottom right is a Slim Devices Squeezebox. Nov 05, 2007
Seas-exotic-fullrange-loudspeaker.jpgNew Seas Fullrange Speaker3723 viewsThe new 8" Seas fullrange unit. Not much info available other than it will be release Jan 2008. The magnet does not look all that large, so I suspect it will be a high Q driver.Nov 04, 2007
Velleman-DIY-Audio-Kits.jpgTwo inexpensive Velleman kits5323 viewsA preamp & amplifier kit that I'm going to combine to make a small integrated amp.
The preamp has volume and separate bass & treble controls.
The amplifier uses a TDA1521 IC.
Nov 01, 2007
Bookshelf-Speaker-Modification.jpgModified cheap bookshelf speakers11641 viewsThese started as a $60 pair of speakers but with a new mylar ferro-cooled tweeter, a modified quality replacement cross over, binding posts and additional dampening they sound like 1 million dollars!Oct 31, 2007
Fostex-FE103E-ZigmaHornet.jpgUnfinished Zigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10571 viewsZigmahornet Speakers with the Fostex FE103E fullrange driver prior to staining.Oct 30, 2007
Fostex-FE-103E-Zigmahornets.jpgZigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10286 viewsA pair of DIY FE103E Zigmahornet Speakers with Fostex FE103E fullrange driver.Oct 30, 2007
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