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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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00126.jpgFinished, rear view (Ipod not included)3635 viewsCheck out the DIY heatsink.Dec 15, 2007
00139.jpgFinished, front view3516 viewsNow you know why it is named Blackbox, right?Dec 15, 2007
00002.jpgCustom PCB3973 viewsFront of the LM3886 and power cables, the rest of the cables needed to make a star ground where much more thinner (single wire).Dec 15, 2007
00003.jpgCustom PCB4277 viewsI know... its not a printed circuit board... because its not printed... but i made it with love.
You can see the rear of the LM3886 and the power cables.
Dec 15, 2007
00094.jpgRectifier capacitors4249 viewsWired with the resistors, smaller caps and a cooper cable extension to make easier the soldering and assembly.Dec 15, 2007
00095.jpgMaking the chassis, rear view4169 viewsPutting together the plastic and the metal, rear view.Dec 15, 2007
00097.jpgEI Trans and rectifier4529 viewsStill in the building process, the EI transformer (24VCT @ 6amps) and the rectifiers (MUR860 diodes) and two 10000uF caps.Dec 15, 2007
Philips-AD5200-AD4200-Open-Baffle-Plans.jpgOpen Baffle Plans for Phillips AD4200 and AD5200 Series14014 viewsThese are Open Baffle Plans for the Phillips AD 4200, AD 4200 M, AD 4200 AM, AD 5200, AD 5200 M, AD 5200 AM.Dec 12, 2007
FinishedInide.JPGOP Amp Preamp - inside the case6313 viewsOn the test bench for a short run-in period. The lids off waiting for smoke. No smoke but on the first start there was a minor fault. I have been listening to the preamp for two hours now and found it adds nothing to the sound (as a preamp should) and extends control with volume and balance adjustment. The yellow caps are 0.47 uF polypropylene metal film. Full details are available for this project at: DIY Op Amp based Preamplifier Project.Dec 09, 2007
SV100870.JPGOP Amp Preamp - from the rear5433 viewsFrom the rear of the case you can see the power connection (for 18V 1.2A regulated wall wart) gold output and input connections. More information for this diy audio project is available at the DIY OPA2134 Preamp Project page.Dec 09, 2007
Mark-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier.jpgZero Component Amplifier - Single MOSFet SE Class A15252 viewsThis is another shot of the ZCA. It shows how the PS and heat sink all fit into one good looking case. Most of the heat is generated by the load resistors which are forward of the amp and line-up with the breather holes of the case. For more information, see DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Project page.Dec 09, 2007
Mike-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amp1.jpgDIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier - Back10857 viewsRear view of the amplifier build. The amp follows Mark's DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Project. More information and pictures are available here.Dec 09, 2007
Mike-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amp2.jpgDIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier - Inside17871 viewsInside view of amplifier which follow Mark's DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Design. You can see the heavy duty power supply. For more information, see the build log.Dec 09, 2007
Mike-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amp3.jpgDIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier - Front10156 viewsFront view of amplifier which was built follow Mark's DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier Design. For more information, see my project page.Dec 09, 2007
IMG_3290.jpgDIY Open Baffle Speakers15295 viewsA pair of open baffle speakers driven by a Gainclone Chip Amp. Not your everyday boxy sound. Amazing.Dec 07, 2007
PreAmp.JPGOPA2134 based preamp with balance control.6772 viewsWith the case work complete it will not be long before this OP based preamp is singing along. The case is small about 115 X 85 and cast aluminum. Gain is 3 dB and a balance control has been included. Full details for this project are available at: DIY OPA2134 Preamplifier Project.Dec 06, 2007
Finished-AMP6-T-Amp-Back.jpgRear View - DIY Class-T (T-Amp) Kit5109 viewsHere is a rear view of the DIY AMP6 T-Amp kit. Dec 03, 2007
Underside-AMP6-Tripath.jpgUnderside View of Finished T-Amp Kit 7031 viewsHere is a view from the underside. The large transformer was salvaged from a dead computer UPS. For more details, see the DIY T-Amp project page.Dec 03, 2007
AMP6-T-Amp-Kit-Parts.jpgAMP6 Kit from 41hz.com6936 viewsThe AMP6 kit from See the project page for my experience with the DIY AMP6 kit.Dec 03, 2007
AMP6-T-Amp-PCB.jpgClass T Amplifier PCB (AMP6)8602 viewsAmpilifer module of Class T AMP6. More details are available at the AMP6 T-Amp page.Dec 03, 2007
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