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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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S-5-Electronics-K-12M-Tube-Amp-Kit.jpgFinished S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Kit8768 viewsThis is my first DIY Audio project. The S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier DIY Kit.Mar 03, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12M-Tube-Amp-Schematic.pngS-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier Schematic14486 viewsSchematic for the S-5 Electronics K-12M Tube Amplifier. This is a scan of the schematics that was supplied with my kit.Mar 03, 2008
Fostex-FE103E-Asymmetrical-Bass-Reflex.jpgDIY Fostex FE103E Asymmetrical Bass Reflex Speakers8511 viewsDIY Asymmetrical Bass Reflex enclosure for the Fostex FE103E Driver.Feb 27, 2008
Fostex-FE103E-Asymmetrical-Bass-Reflex-Makore.jpgFostex FE103E Asymmetrical Vented Speakers8903 viewsAsymmetrical Bass Reflex Speakers using the Fostex FE103E Driver with a Makore finish.

Feb 27, 2008
Underside.JPGPartial Wiring Close up5686 viewsPoint to point wiring is a must in my opinion to achieve what you owe yourself , when it comes to turning the piece of art on . I just wish I could of shown my grandfathers what I have built. This shot shows some of the input stage power supply , Hexfreds , Precision resistors from PRP , and a snippet of the output power supply cap banks for the + / - DC rails that make up the 140 VDC supply.Feb 22, 2008
2nd_monoblock.JPGUnderbelly shot of the DIY OTL Tube monoblock5325 viewsStrangely enough , the second was made intentionally Mirror Image , but I had neglected the fact that the Toroids had the same winding tail positions , so the build wasn't perfectly mirror image after all . This actually was a bit of a headache , since the first was more ideally layed out in electrical design & visual eye candyFeb 22, 2008
Mill_1.JPGFront View of the DIY OTL Tube monoblocks6816 viewsWeighing in at 18.5kg's each , these chassis are milled out of Aluminum plate and form part of the main heat sink for the tube sockets that are a precision fit . 6mm thick plate was used through out . The feet are solid with machined slots using cap screws to capture from the inside ( so no holes can be seen )Feb 22, 2008
Mill_2.JPGRear View of the DIY OTL Tube Amps 5535 viewsThe chassis of my amps were machined in this German Milling machine - a real beast . It had to be repaired at a few stages just to complete the build. You can see the torodials that are used for the Driver stage ( smallest ) ..The Heaters ( next largest 6.3vac @ 32A ) and the Output Power supply ( the largest toroid - 1KVA @ 100 VAC )Feb 22, 2008
Workshop_Heater.JPG2nd DIY OTL monoblock being built7376 viewsFreezing cold in the workshop , it was a pleasure to be right next to the first monoblock that was pre heating and breaking in the output stage.Feb 22, 2008
Push-Pull-KT88-Tube-Amp.jpgMillett UniAmp: Push Pull KT88 Tube Amplifier6993 viewsPete Millett UniAmp with KT88
Transformer input (phase splitter) 6SN7 driver / 6SN7 voltage gain. Push-Pull KT88 Amplifier section. 5AR4 power supply into 47uF then 10 H (draws about 165mA from 620V CT transformer) then 2700uF @ 400VDC.
Feb 05, 2008
Fostex-FX120-Frequency-Response-150mm.pngFostex FX120 Frequency Response8369 viewsFrequency Response plot of a Fostex FX120 Fullrange Speaker. The measurements were made on-axis at 6 inches (150 mm) from the driver using a Radio Shack 33-2050 SPL Meter.Jan 31, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12G-Tube-Amp-Kit-front.jpgS-5 Electronics K-12G Tube Amplifier Kit - front view9317 viewsFront view of enclosure for a S-5 Electronics K-12G Tube Amplifier Kit.Jan 28, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12G-Tube-Amp-Kit-rear.jpgS-5 Electronics K-12G Tube Amp Kit - rear view6296 viewsRear view of DIY enclosure for a S-5 Electronics K-12G Tube Amp Kit.Jan 28, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12-Tube-Amp-Kit.jpgS-5 Electronics K-12 Tube Amplifier Kit6077 viewsRear view of my build of a S-5 Electronics Tube Amp Kit. The enclosure is made from MDF and painted with a high temperature resistant black paint. The back holes are just an air intake for the fan.Jan 19, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12-Tube-Amp-Kit-Board.jpgS-5 Electronics K-12 Tube Amp Kit - Circuit Board6634 viewsBottom view of my K-12 Tube Amp Kit. The fan is used to cool the power transformer which runs a little hot.Jan 19, 2008
S-5-Electronics-K-12-Tube-Amp-Kit-2.jpgS-5 Electronics K-12 Tube Amp Kit6642 viewsFront view of K-12 Tube Amplifier Kit. The case is made of MDF and painted black with a high temperature resistant paint. Above the front On/Off switch is a blue LED. I also exchanged the volume knob with a black one from an old Yamaha subwoofer.Jan 19, 2008
John-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier.jpgSingle Ended Class A Mosfet Amplifier11301 viewsJohn's build of Mark's Single Ended DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier.Jan 12, 2008
John-DIY-Class-A-Mosfet-Amplifier-inside.jpgDIY SE Class A Mosfet Amplifier - inside view21151 viewsInside view of John's DIY amplifier which follows Mark's Single Ended DIY Class A Mosfet Amplifier topology. For more information, see the project thread at 12, 2008
Fostex-FX120-Magnet.jpgFostex FX120 Speaker Mounted on Baffle10697 viewsThe Fostex FX120 Fullrange Speakers have a removable rubber ring that goes around the magnet. The baffle is 1" thick, so I used to router to make a 1/2" chamfer to give the driver some room to breathe. The hookup wire is plain 22 ga copper. Jan 01, 2008
PE-Curved-Speaker-Box-Inside.jpgInside of Curved Parts Express Cabinet11015 viewsInside view of the 0.38 ft^3 Curved Parts Express Cabinet. The baffle fits in tightly and is held in place with four nuts.Jan 01, 2008
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