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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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IMG_1874.JPGriverrat373's K-502 Tube Amp Kit - Front4932 viewsFront view of the K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit with transformer cover.Apr 19, 2008
IMG_1875.JPGriverrat373's K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit - Side4920 viewsSide view of the K-502 Tube Amp Kit.Apr 19, 2008
IMG_1876.JPGriverrat373's K-502 Tube Amp Kit - Rear5110 viewsBack side of the K-502 Tube Amplifier showing vent for transformer cover and hookups.Apr 19, 2008
IMG_1869.JPGriverrat373's K-502 Tube Amplifier Kit - Front6150 viewsK-502 Tube Amp Kit without transformer cover and tubes.

Apr 19, 2008
Fostex-FE126E-Bass-Reflex.jpgFostex FE126E in DIY 12L Bass Reflex Cabinets 9819 viewsThese are a small pair of 12L Fostex FE126E in 1/2" solid pine BR enclosures. The port is 2" x 4". They do sound great though with surprising bass from the FE126E. They are 9.5" square...I know square...but I found it helps reinforce the bass.Apr 11, 2008
Goldwood-Open-Baffle-Speakers.jpg8" and 15" Goldwood Open Baffle Speakers10383 viewsGoldwood 8" full rangers whizzers and all (Qts 1.07) which should do the trick for the midbass lacking with the low Qts Fostex FE126E. The Goldwood 8 inchers have great bass in OB compared to the Fostex and really don't need that much bass augmentation.I ran the 8" full range and LP the 15" Goldwood subs in at 60hz. Nice deep bass, nice midbass punch and smooth highs. This speaker has a nice vintage tone that is definitely on the warm side. Just how I like it.Apr 11, 2008
Goldwood-Open-Baffle-Speakers-Back.jpgGoldwood Open Baffle Speakers - Rear View12249 viewsRear view of 8" and 15" Goldwood drivers on an open baffle.Apr 11, 2008
Fostex-FE127E-DIY-Bass-Reflex-Loudspeaker.jpgBass Reflex Speaker with Fostex FE127E 8511 viewsThis is a Bass Reflex Speaker using the Fostex FE127E Fullrange Driver.

DIY Bookshelf Bass Reflex Speakers with Fostex FE127E
Apr 08, 2008
Fostex-FX120-Bookshelf-Coral-Flat-6B-Speakers.jpgDIY Fostex FX120 and Coral Flat-6B Bass Reflex Speakers8739 viewsDIY Bass Reflex Speakers. The larger speakers are 6.5"-7" (depending on how you measure them) Coral Flat-6B's. The build cost for them where about 2/3's that of my Fostex FX120 Speakers. I am going to dampen the stamped Coral frames some day, just to hear if it makes a difference. But so far I have nothing but praise left for these old drivers. They are 20+ years old, but they still kick ass.Apr 08, 2008
Fostex-FX120-DIY-Bass-Reflex.jpgFostex FX120 Speaker in Bookshelf Sized DIY Bass Reflex Enclosure7801 viewsDIY Bass Reflex Speakers using the Fostex FX120 Fullrange Driver.

DIY Fostex FX120 Bookshelf Bass Reflex Speaker Project
Apr 08, 2008
Fostex-FE207E-1-cubic-foot-bass-reflex-speaker.jpgFostex FE207E - DIY 1 ft^3 Bass Reflex Enclosure8799 viewsFostex FE207E fullrange drivers in 1 ft^3 ported box. The speaker enclosure was built by another local MA fellow, Dave Jacobsen. I also like these speakers very much.Apr 05, 2008
DIY-Class-A-Single-Ended-Amplifier-2SK1058-Mosfet.jpgDIY Class-A Single Ended (SE) Amplifier with 2SK1058 Mosfet11208 viewsImplementation of Mark's DIY Class A 2SK1058 MOSFET Amplifier Project. It was difficult to obtain good 10W non-inductive wire wound resistors, so a 12V 20W lamp was used in place of the load resistors. Like in ZenLite Amplifier. :)

Here is a link to more pictures of the amplifier.
Apr 03, 2008
Radio-Shack-40-1354-ML-TQWT.jpgRadio Shack 40-1354 ML-TQWT Speaker9257 viewsThis is the Bob Brines folded TQWTs for the Radio Shack 40-1354 fullrange drivers. The dustcaps have been removed and phase plugs installed. With the phase plugs, I've stopped using super tweeters with these. They are awfully satisfying. The great wood work was completed by Mike Berg, who built the cabinets for me!Apr 01, 2008
DSCF1556.JPGDual Mono Phono DIY Preamplifier8595 viewsDual Mono DIY Phono Preamplifier Mar 31, 2008
summer_2006_068.jpgDual Mono DIY Phono Preamplifier13633 viewsDual Mono DIY Phono Preamplifier Mar 31, 2008
Fostex-FE167E-Bookshelf-Speakers.jpgDIY Fostex FE167E Bookshelf Speakers in Listening Room9754 viewsA pair of DIY Fostex FE167E Bookshelf Speakers in the Listening Room.
By Gary E (MN, USA)
Mar 25, 2008
Fostex-FE167E-Bass-Reflex-Bookshelf.jpgDIY Fostex FE167E Bass Reflex Bookshelf Speakers9089 viewsClose up view of the Fostex FE167E fullrange driver in the 15L Fostex FE167E Speakers Recommended Bass Reflex Enclosure
By Gary E (MN, USA)
Mar 25, 2008
K-8LS-Tube-Amplifier-Kit.jpgS-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit6827 viewsS-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit on the work bench for testing.Mar 25, 2008
K-8LS-Tube-Amplifier-Schematic.pngS-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit Schematic13165 viewsSchematic for S-5 Electronics K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit.Mar 25, 2008
5687-Tube-CD-Linestage.jpg5687 Tube Linestage3582 viewsHere I am using a diy 5687 tube preamp as a line stage for a Sony CD player.Mar 22, 2008
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