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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

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IMG_3492.jpgTesting of active crossover4104 viewsThe active crossover is using Rod Elliot's P09 design and is 24db/octave Linkwitz-Riley crossed at 3500Hz. Op amps are cheap TL072 and the sound is still great. Transients are not lost whatsoever.
IMG_3497.jpgQuad-channel LM3875 Gainclone4022 viewsCrammed 4 LM3875 DIY Gainclone amps into this little box using 2-tiered setup.
IMG_3498.jpgFinal active crossover + gainclone setup3503 viewsBurning the 4-channel DIY Gainclone and active crossover. I think this is the greatest sound quality improvement, especially for $50 active crossover. There is still hum from the new pair which I need to troubleshoot.
IMG_1479.JPGChassis and plastic3324 viewsBending the plastic was a pain, i did it with a hair dryer and a LOT of patience... i don't recommend you to try to do it, it takes a lot of effort and time.
IMG_1480.JPGMaking the chassis, bottom view3306 viewsHere are the two pieces that make the chassis put together. Bottom view.
IMG_1412.JPGAluminium and mate3372 viewsThe aluminum sheets used for the dissipater and a "Mate".
"Mate" is the Argentinian equivalent of "Tea" for a British.
IMG_1419.JPGDissipator3555 viewsThe dissipater is homemade.
Note the shape and size of the inter-connecting metal between sheets... i don know if the shape was necessary but... it was a aesthetic choice.
IMG_1420.JPGDIY Heat Sink3538 viewsAfter polishing... beautiful, no?
IMG_1422.JPGDIY Heatsink3758 viewsNote the shape and size of the inter-connecting metal between sheets... i don know if the shape was necessary but... it was an aesthetic choice.
IMG_1423.JPGMaking the chassis3436 viewsBefore bending the sheet metal.
00118.jpgLM3886's and heatsink3695 viewsThe thin cables are for the grounds that (i suppose) don't carry high current. The chips have silicone grease for better thermal conduction.
00119.jpgFinished, inside view4076 viewsEI transformer, rectifier, star ground (just above the left cap of the rectifier), LM3886...
00126.jpgFinished, rear view (Ipod not included)3635 viewsCheck out the DIY heatsink.
00139.jpgFinished, front view3516 viewsNow you know why it is named Blackbox, right?
00002.jpgCustom PCB3973 viewsFront of the LM3886 and power cables, the rest of the cables needed to make a star ground where much more thinner (single wire).
00003.jpgCustom PCB4277 viewsI know... its not a printed circuit board... because its not printed... but i made it with love.
You can see the rear of the LM3886 and the power cables.
00094.jpgRectifier capacitors4248 viewsWired with the resistors, smaller caps and a cooper cable extension to make easier the soldering and assembly.
00095.jpgMaking the chassis, rear view4169 viewsPutting together the plastic and the metal, rear view.
00097.jpgEI Trans and rectifier4529 viewsStill in the building process, the EI transformer (24VCT @ 6amps) and the rectifiers (MUR860 diodes) and two 10000uF caps.
FinishedInide.JPGOP Amp Preamp - inside the case6312 viewsOn the test bench for a short run-in period. The lids off waiting for smoke. No smoke but on the first start there was a minor fault. I have been listening to the preamp for two hours now and found it adds nothing to the sound (as a preamp should) and extends control with volume and balance adjustment. The yellow caps are 0.47 uF polypropylene metal film. Full details are available for this project at: DIY Op Amp based Preamplifier Project.
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