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 NEW    Bruce Heran outlines the details and construction of his simple DIY 6DJ8 (ECC88) Tube Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier Project.

DIY Audio Projects Photo Gallery

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Fostex-FX120-Baffle.jpgFostex FX120 Drivers on Baffle9894 viewsFostex FX120 Fullrange Drivers mounted on the 1" thick MDF Baffle that came with the prefab cabinets.
ClubSpeakers.jpgMelbourne Audio Club December meeting 200712143 viewsDIY night is traditionally held the last meeting of the year. Not only was there a varied array of DIY speakers there was also amps and cables and processing gear. My equipment (Synergy) was demonstrated through the big light coloured boxes which sounded commanding in the large meeting room.
Philips-AD5200-AD4200-Open-Baffle-Plans.jpgOpen Baffle Plans for Phillips AD4200 and AD5200 Series14014 viewsThese are Open Baffle Plans for the Phillips AD 4200, AD 4200 M, AD 4200 AM, AD 5200, AD 5200 M, AD 5200 AM.
IMG_3290.jpgDIY Open Baffle Speakers15295 viewsA pair of open baffle speakers driven by a Gainclone Chip Amp. Not your everyday boxy sound. Amazing.
Finish.JPGTandy Optimus 77 Upgrade13085 viewsThese Tandy Optimus 77, though many years old, had never been used. They were in as new condition but the woofer surround had rotted. I replaced the 5” woofer with an inexpensive 4” driver. I made clamps to hold it in place and heavy foam to ensure a good seal. The Xover 4.7uf cap was replaced with a quality cap and additional dampening added. They good but not stunning.
Fostex-FE206E-Rear-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E Rear Loaded Horn22458 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange loudspeakers. The cabinet is the Fostex FE208E Sigma recommended enclosure. Two layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.
Fostex-FE208e-Sigma-Enclosure.pdfFostex FE208E Sigma Reccomended Enclosure17940 viewsThe Fostex recommended enclosure plans for the FE208EZ.
Fostex-FE206E-Back-Loaded-Horn.jpgFostex FE206E in Back Loaded Horn Enclosure18107 viewsThese are my Fostex FE206E fullrange speaker drivers in the Fostex FE208 Sigma recommended cabinets. The speaker cabinets are made using 2 layers of ply 1/2" and 3/4", mahogany stained sides and birds eye maple baffles.
MAW-10-DIY-Subwoofer-Jim.jpgJim's MAW-10 DIY Subwoofer 22482 viewsJim's build of the DIY 10" Ported Subwoofer Project.
Bookshelf-Speaker-Modification.jpgModified cheap bookshelf speakers11641 viewsThese started as a $60 pair of speakers but with a new mylar ferro-cooled tweeter, a modified quality replacement cross over, binding posts and additional dampening they sound like 1 million dollars!
Fostex-FE103E-ZigmaHornet.jpgUnfinished Zigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10571 viewsZigmahornet Speakers with the Fostex FE103E fullrange driver prior to staining.
Fostex-FE-103E-Zigmahornets.jpgZigmahornets with Fostex FE103E10286 viewsA pair of DIY FE103E Zigmahornet Speakers with Fostex FE103E fullrange driver.
Jordan-JX92S-Transmission-Line-Speaker.jpgDIY T-Line Speaker with Jordan JX92S10185 viewsThis is a build of GM's Transmission Line for the Jordan JX92S. More information is available at the Tobler-ONE Jordan JX92S MLTL Speaker Project page.
DIY-Hi-Vi-Tower-Loudspeaker-Project.jpgHi-Vi Tower-Speaker Project10370 viewsTower loudspeaker project using all Hi-Vi drivers. See the DIY Hi-Vi 3-Way Tower Loudspeaker Project page for more info.
Open-Baffle-Plans.jpgOpen Baffle Plans from Stereo Sound "Tube Kingdom"21563 viewsThese are Open Baffle Plans from Stereo Sound "Tube Kingdom", Volume 3, 1996. The plans are in Japanese are were part of a single-driver "shootout" which included 8" full range and coaxial drivers - Altec/WE755A, Altec 755C, Altec 755E, Altec 409B, Altec 409-8E, JBL LE8T-H, EV Pro-8A, and also a 15" coaxial units Altec 604-8K and JBL 2155H.

For more information about these open baffle plans see:

- Open Baffle Speaker with Ciare CH250
- Open Baffle - the minimalist approach.
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