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PostPosted: 18 Apr 2020, 06:25 

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I went to the Phantom of the Opera and it sounded a lot better than my speakers. Was it because they had louder volume than what a normal person would listen to in his home?

PostPosted: 26 Apr 2020, 09:28 
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I would say because of the physical differences in the room and their impact on acoustics. This reinforces the benefits that can be had by tweaking and improving your listening room.

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PostPosted: 13 May 2020, 22:42 

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I bet there are a number of factors causing the professional live event to sound better.

A professional venue is well designed for that type of presentation.

The dynamic range of a live orchestra is different than a recording that is likely compressed and limited.

How accurate are your speakers? Have you done frequency analysis on them?

How good is your amp?

It is so hard to fill a home room with sound the way you can in a nice theater setting. I've provided sound reinforcement countless times in churches big enough for 500 people or so. There are some buildings that have wonderful acoustics for the type of music being performed. I wish I could bottle up the natural reverberate sound and take it with me in some electronic box. Even with a $1000 electronic reverb-echo device you probably could not recreate the wonderful sound of the pro theatre in you home. I've tried. It is hard to do.

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2020, 17:32 

Joined: 04 May 2016, 12:47
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And the truth is that they do not ALL sound better. I have been to some truly awful sounding shows. Where you want to kidnap the sound guy and fill in for him yourself. That being said it always has the potential to be really great. I think a part of it is that no matter how good our systems get there will always be that magic around the edges that they just can't reproduce. So I think you are hearing at a live show that little bit extra , that vision of quality and a feeling you long for listening thru a stereo but will never quite realize to your satisfaction. The Proverbial Unicorn if you could bottle it .

PostPosted: 23 Aug 2020, 02:24 

Joined: 23 Feb 2017, 02:02
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Hi in live shows people use diffrent tune and tones, also expect the vocalist to sing diffrently.
The same song have huge impact when tones changed slightly and the vocalist sings slightly diffrently.

The room size and speaker size have impact on sound.
Larger speakers get away easier with poor rooms, but if you have poor room then you normally don't have enough space to put two washing machines in there just for music.
My 15inch speakers are the size of a washing machine.

The larger the room and lest obstructions in sound wave traveling and speaker placed further away from walls the easier it is to get good listening room.

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