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Source vs pre-amp/amp interconnects
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Author:  vdfsamba [ 28 Dec 2017, 17:52 ]
Post subject:  Source vs pre-amp/amp interconnects

I've been reading a lot about different kinds of interconnects. I run tube pre-amp and tube monoblocks. My cd player is a heavily tweaked tube unit. I have a set of silver interconnects original to one of the amp purchases, that is actually very clean, detailed and nuetral. I also use a pair of Kimber Kable Hero's that came along with the cd player, and they're wonderful.

Is there any difference (should there be any difference) in interconnects used for source components vs interconnects used between tube pre-amp and tube monoblocks?

Thanks for the time.


Author:  Geek [ 29 Dec 2017, 02:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Source vs pre-amp/amp interconnects


Cables do make a difference, but like tube rolling, you can spend an entire lifetime chasing the holy grail for your system.

To help, a simple rule of thumb I tell my customers is to spend no more than 1/10 the value of your entire system on the interconnects. Not scientific, but has helped narrow down and find peace for many. Another piece of advice I give is "Read less and listen more", in other words, it's YOUR ears, not other's opinions that are important.


Author:  vdfsamba [ 29 Dec 2017, 23:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Source vs pre-amp/amp interconnects

I agree with your recomendation, we just don't have the equiptment being sold in town. I fell into the hobby 20 years ago with a pair of gifted Vandersteen speakers that needed repair. If you look up my name on youtube, you'll see my set up... Signature SRp23b cd player, AMC T7 tuner, Nobis Proteus pre-amp, 2 Nobis Cantabiles, Signature sub and Signature 2.1 floor speakers.

This is a love of incrumentalism... just try'n to find a shortcut~!

Author:  M. Gregg [ 09 Feb 2018, 08:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Source vs pre-amp/amp interconnects

Something worth a mention,

interconnect cables represent a load to the system.
This load is dependant on construction where inductance, capacitance and leakage vary.
Ie a twisted pair can be better than a screened cable.
If the cable is driven the effect is less noticeable than with a passive Pre, the problem is how much drive do you need.
Its often more than you would think.

Anyway it is what it is.

M. Gregg

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