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Fostex FE103E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Fostex FE103E Fullrange Speaker Driver

Note - this driver has been discontinued and is no longer being produced. The Fostex FE103En is the replacement driver. The Fostex FE103E is a 100 mm (4") full-range driver. Like most Fostex speaker, the FE103E is well built and it sounds excellent. The FE103E can be used in a wide variety of enclosures ranging from simple bass reflex, Transmission Line, Quarter Wavelength and Back Loaded Horn enclosures. The full-range driver is capable of an extended frequency response from about 80Hz to 20kHz. In the proper enclosure 50Hz in room bass response can be attained. The cone is made of banana plant fiber and thus it is fairly light. The magnet is large, almost 200 grams.

Fostex FE103E Full-range Speaker

Fostex FE103E Fullrange Driver

Like the other inexpensive Fostex drivers, the frame is stamped steel so it should benefit from some damping. For an example of some of the modifications and tweaks one can try on these little drivers, see the modifications and tweaks for the Fostex FE103En fullrange speaker driver.

T/S Parameters - Fostex FE103E Driver

The Thiele/Small Parameters for the Fostex FE103E driver provided by Foxtex are shown in the table below.

 Parameter   Fostex 
Fs 79.5 Hz
Vas 6.9 L
Qts 0.36
Qes 0.40
Qms 2.87
Re 7.45 Ohms
Le n/a
SPL 89 dB

T/S Parameters - Fostex FE103E Fullrange Driver

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