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FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier
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Author:  nisse [ 05 Aug 2008, 11:11 ]
Post subject:  FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

I am a newbie regarding amplifiers. I have built a the recommended back loaded horn for my Fostex FE206E drivers.
Which of the DIY Tube amplifiers should I choose for the enclosure?
Making circuit boards and soldering are no problems, choosing a good amplifier is hard.
Best regards

Author:  Gio [ 05 Aug 2008, 11:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fostex FE206E BLH - Which tube amplifier?

Hi nisse and welcome to the forum.

I would love to see a photo of your speakers. Feel free to post them.

You don't need much power for those speakers, so you should be able to get away with a low wattage single ended design. For small Xmax speakers, my preference is to use a tube amp with a low damping factor.

What is you budget for an amp?

Author:  nisse [ 06 Aug 2008, 02:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

I can post some pictures, but I have them at home so it will take awhile (~10h) before I can post them.
The horns are slightly modified fostex recommended BL horn made of 22mm MDF. The cables are the cheapest I could find and the amplifiers I use are old 70's from a garage sale. All this is hooked up to my computer.
Not the audiophiles dream :)
The horns are clearly the best component and they sound much much much better than my earlier speaker.
My plan is to replace the cables with something better, get a good tube amplifier and buy a good external soundcard to my computer.
My budget is $100-$1000, but that is not set in stone.

Author:  Gio [ 06 Aug 2008, 07:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206 BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

That budget gives you a lot of options. For scratch builds, you could go with one of Bruce's OddWatt projects:



Then there are PP kits like the K-502:

This SE Kit looks interesting:
It's price includes everything, chassis, shipping ...

If you are looking towards your upper limit, you could even go with a 2A3 or 300B!

Author:  billp [ 06 Aug 2008, 17:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

With the fe206e in a horn, you can get by with a flea powered tube amp. A single ended el84 is a reasonable choice and you can likely build one for $150. The RH 84 SE design has been built by many so it is likely a safe bet. The k502 kit is also popular (likely because of the cost and it is a kit), but I doubt it measures well.

If you want to spend all you budget a 2A3 is about as nice as they get.

Are you happy with the low end response and what sort of amplification are you using now?

Author:  RiGuy [ 11 Aug 2008, 11:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

A lot of people on DIYaudio rave about the M Audio 1010LT for a reasonable audio card. I have no experience with it, but have considered buying it since so many think it sounds great. Just a thought.

Author:  gofar99 [ 11 Aug 2008, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

Hi nisse, Welcome to the forum. The EL84 based "Oddwatt" is an easy to build amp. It does not use global feedback and is quite linear with low distortion. Max output is around 10 watts /ch depending on the power supply and transformers used. I prefer the Edcor ones but there is no reason you could not use others. That amp and the KT77 version I am now using work well with efficient speakers (I have vintage Altec Lansings). The largest expense in the EL84 amp is of course the transformers. I recall that they ran about $150 for all three. I used new manufacture output tubes by EH with the preamp tubes by JJ. Some might prefer other brands and that is just a matter of personal choice. It sounds fine without having to go to expensive tubes. Use a good coupling cap as there is only one in the signal path and it does effect the sound quality.

Good listening

Author:  nisse [ 26 Aug 2008, 03:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206E BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

I have finally uploaded the pictures of the building of my horns. You can find them on Picasa at this URL:
I still have to paint them and make some cable connections at the back. Right now I use the cheapes cables I could find (also the smallest) and put them right beside the FE206E element. Not ideal. :)
The sound is great! I have borrowed another scrap amplifier to see if I could hear any diffrances. One of them is much more quiet. I have to look up the sound card mentioned above, right now I can hear the humming of the harddrives if I crank up the volume.

Author:  RiGuy [ 26 Aug 2008, 07:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: FE206 BL Horn recommended tube amplifier

Wow Nils your Dad has an incredible shop! Looks like you two had fun building the cabinets.
Have you decided which amplifier you will build?
Thanks for the update :)

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