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tubes and transformers sourcing in Switzerland
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Author:  cbueche [ 07 Jan 2018, 00:41 ]
Post subject:  tubes and transformers sourcing in Switzerland

Dear builders,

I live in Switzerland and the import fees are somewhat exaggerated to stay polite. There is always something in the range of 20-30 Fr (about the same US$ amount) for administrative costs charged at the customs.

So, if any other Swiss builder lives here (me : near Bielersee) and wants to group orders from abroad (Edcor, tubes, etc), feel free to pm me. Alternatively, is there a reliable source for tubes in Switzerland ? I ordered two 6DJ8 from Distrelec but got two 6H23Pi instead. Yep, they should be compatible but one does squeal.


Author:  TIJ-NIKI [ 11 Jan 2018, 05:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: tubes and transformers sourcing in Switzerland

We need a free market with the U.S. .. so many trannys and chevy LS crate engines i would buy :wine: .. let alone Amtec FLUX for my job.. it's the blood of microelectronic soldering.. the U.S. has so much good stuff that sadly we can't fully enjoy due to import fees and rules.. meh..

anyways, i am gonna buy some trannys for my Oddblocks from edcor in a couple of weeks. they are made by order, the websites says 8 weeks :sick: the shippings and fees are around 200E at this time but eh... i want them badly so buck it. I am located in northern Italy, Verona, not really close to switzerland but if you want we can manage something up. Feel free to PM me if you have any plan

for tubes and stuff i either use Banzai or Tubetown (both in Germany) they are guitaramps-oriented but you can still find stuff. Edcor is nowhere to be found there, 90% of their trannies are Hammonds

Author:  Soundbrigade [ 11 Jan 2018, 05:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: tubes and transformers sourcing in Switzerland

You also have and in Deutchneyland and some, up here in Sweden, use this Polish shop (,1).

There used to be some British companies that could supply cheap and good transformers but are closed down.

Ah, you are from Verona, where the fake balcony is?! Guess Romeo had no problems climb up to her. Hope he had a hard hat ...
(Sorry for OT)


Author:  TIJ-NIKI [ 11 Jan 2018, 09:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: tubes and transformers sourcing in Switzerland

Near Verona but ya, i am on the border with Vicenza province, near the American Ederle Base. hurra for jets destroying my ears daily, but i am in Verona so often for work that it is basically my 2nd home. And man that place is hell... They ruined it soo much it is disgusting. people writing with markers, lockers with name and all that BS.. am i getting old?

I usually get my power trannies custom made from a company i worked for time ago, they wind and rewind electric motors so they slip an order for a custom tranny in once in a while; for outputs i usually use Hammonds.. but most of the time they are undersized.. i guess they are good for guitar folks.

I am going to make myself a late Xmas and new job present and buy some 'merican cores and see how they sound. Might as well upgrade the Hammonds 1609A i have in my Poddwatt at this point

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