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koogar (Rupert Hirst) NP-100v12 12au7 amp
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Author:  Hunter628 [ 13 Dec 2017, 21:26 ]
Post subject:  koogar (Rupert Hirst) NP-100v12 12au7 amp

Hi everyone, I've been on the hunt for koogar's NP-100v12 design for a few days and am coming up dry. He built a version of the amp that included a VU meter circuit, power transformer, and power on delay. The closest I've gotten is this link where he just has pictures of it: and this one where you can see him making the board in EAGLE: ... ering.html. All the other links I can find that he has posted I've put into the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" and all the links seem to not be archived. I cant find a way of contacting him either so I have reached out to roggom and Gio because I know they have both had the schematics and layout for his build at some time. I would like to build his version of the amp because it sounds like it has the best built in features. Here are some posts in which he talks about his design:
This is the only postI've seen where someone claims to have built it: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1799&p=35273&hilit=555#p35273
If you guys have any of the materials on koogar's build or know where to get them please let me know! Thanks ~Hunter

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