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6C33C cathode follower, slimline power amp (design: Suncalc)
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Author:  mwhouston [ 16 Feb 2018, 18:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: 6C33C cathode follower, slimline power amp (design: Sunc

Matt, has specified some big high wattage resistors for this amp. They are in the cathode leg and have to handle high wattage. I couldnt source 30W resistors here so ordered some 50W 820ohm Rs from Digikey. The postage was more than the Rs (AU$40 all up) but I needed them. I only required two but ordered four in case I build a few of these amps. Usually I do.

The rest of the components I can source here or already have. I still have to prove my PS idea for HT and filament voltages and current but feel I should have it. If the PS works out the way I hope it will there is another wine box amp I can use the PS for. I want to build a KT88 wine box amp and matching wine box speakers. The little 4" twin cone speakers I have are 92db efficient. From a SE UL KT88 amp there should be good volume. Bass may suffer a bit but the whole project is a wine box novelty. The wine box amp may come first.

Author:  mwhouston [ 10 Feb 2019, 07:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: 6C33C cathode follower, slimline power amp (design: Sunc

This project stagnated because the original idea I had to develop the HT required failed. Then I got side tracked with a dozen other builds which brings us to now.

I’m using my tried and true Tranni back to back technique to develop 195VAC and 12VAC with a 12A rating. I have used this PS to drive my 6L6 amps and even lit up two 6C33Cs with the filament voltage.

The 195V will be rectified and feed to a voltage doubler. That should give me the 300V required.

Here is the Tranni box (green neon) driving the 6L6 with 1944 metal tubes. You will notice my second pair of Altec 511B horns with FailtalPro compression drivers.

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