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Connex Tube Socket Board
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Author:  Steph [ 26 Jul 2017, 15:10 ]
Post subject:  Connex Tube Socket Board

Hello all,

Sometime ago I purchased a few of these little tube socket boards for some tube sockets that I'm using that have pins rather than loops on the component side. The boards looked like they might make things just a little cleaner when wiring up. Something made me stop and have a long look and unless my old age is catching up to me, the pinout on these little boards seems backwards to me.

If I install them facing out so that I can see the pin numbers, they appear to me to be backwards from the tube pins. Am I letting my old mind play tricks on me or am I possibly missing something here? I've never used these products before so perhaps, my application is incorrect. I surely hope that I don't end up making a fool of myself for asking.

I purchased these boards;
and these sockets;

If you look closely at the photos on the website the boards are numbered 1-9 anti-clockwise while the tube sockets (from underneath) are 1-9 clockwise.

Author:  Geek [ 26 Jul 2017, 19:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Connex Tube Socket Board

If you mount the sockets on the silk screen side of the PCB, the numbering is correct.

However, with those turret-type sockets, you don't need the PCB.


Author:  Steph [ 26 Jul 2017, 20:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Connex Tube Socket Board

Thanks very much for the reply.

I did come to realize that if you mount the board such that you can't see the pin numbers it would work (or wouldn't matter since you can't see the pin numbers anymore). I fail to see the value of the numbering at all unless there is another application for them that I don't yet appreciate. The reason I went this route I thought it would be easier to work with my old hands and eyes. Kinda wishing I had stuck with the old tried and true loop end style sockets.

Again, thank you for the reply.

Author:  gofar99 [ 26 Jul 2017, 21:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Connex Tube Socket Board

Yup The numbers go on the underside.

Good listening

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