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K-12G Tube Amp Kit Build Thoughts
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Author:  connemaraguitars [ 13 Sep 2011, 18:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: K-12G Tube Amp Kit Build Thoughts

Hello, Milsman2,
After several weeks I was reviewing the various threads regarting your K-12G amp postings and wanted to ask a question...

You indicated that you plan to go with a dual K-501 build and cite the "transfo issue" as a reason for this build rather than the K-12G. What is, exactly, the issue with the transformers on the K-12G? Although some folks have modified their K-12 builds to use other transformers, most have said this change provided only minimal benefit, especially compared to the capacitor upgrades. I use my K-12G on a daily basis and it gives me great pleasure. Others who have heard it are impressed...most of them have younger ears and regularly "challenge" the amp with music that I don't have (or intend to have).

I guess I'm perplexed by your decision in light of the responses to your questions...much more information is available for building and modding the K-12 than the K-501 or K-502.

Can you clarify things for me? If not, that's fine. I'm just curious.

Author:  Gio [ 13 Sep 2011, 20:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: K-12G Tube Amp Kit Build Thoughts

I assumed the issue was with the power transformer. The power transformer in the stereo kits runs very hot. On the mono kits, the PT looks like the same one used in the stereo kits so it should run much cooler.

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