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Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (Mullard Radio Valve Company)
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Author:  Gio [ 10 Sep 2008, 17:58 ]
Post subject:  Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (Mullard Radio Valve Company)

Hi guys, this might be old news, but I just found this site last night.

It looks like we will start seeing some new production tubes from these guys. Here is a snip from their website:

About Us
Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (BMS) has been formed from the former Philips Components organisation that itself started life as the Mullard Radio Valve Company Limited in 1938.

BMS is located on the original Mullard Valve site at Blackburn, England. Since the death of the valve for popular use following the invention of the transistor the former Mullard site has continued to develop and manufacture key components for the cathode ray tube industry. One such key component being the thermionic cathode.

With the background knowledge of valve manufacturing and cathode development, the Blackburn factory is once again able to be at the leading edge of valve development. 2008 sees the launch of the first real valve development since its initial launch back in the 1920's

And below is a shot of a new production shot of their E813CC (dubbed as a ECC83 equivalent).

E813CC (ECC83 equivalent)
The E813CC has the same performance as the world renowned ECC83. Unlike the ECC83 however the variability in performance between two valves is reduced from an industry standard ±20% down to ±10%. Obvious benefits in application set-up are obtained by this new performance.

  • 10 year life
  • Planar valve design
  • CRT cathode proven technology
  • Supersedes ECC83
  • 6.3V driving voltage
  • B9A pin base

Link to the datasheet: ... asheet.pdf

It looks like they also have new productions of the ECC81 and ECC82, but not much details yet.

This should prove to be interesting. No details on pricing, and they say that their first public showing will be at the London Sound and Vision Show 19 - 21 September 2008. Looks like big coin to exhibit at the show, so I am going to guess that these tubes will not be cheap.

Another thing that caught my eye is that they state a life of 10 years. I wonder how they determined that since they just started?


Author:  billnchristy [ 10 Sep 2008, 21:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (Mullard Radio Valve Company)

Very cool.

Author:  bsgd [ 12 Sep 2008, 06:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (Mullard Radio Valve Company)

Hey Gio, I did see those ones. I even emailed Bruce about them.

They look very unusual, and I just love weird stuff. No need to tell Im itching to try a pair!

Author:  alexg [ 12 Sep 2008, 07:05 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blackburn MicroTech Solutions (Mullard Radio Valve Company)

Funny, I was watching the film reel from the same site on how Mullard used to make tubes!

Are these tubes available on the market already?


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