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LF assistance with hissing studio monitor
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Author:  zappazapper [ 07 Mar 2018, 15:27 ]
Post subject:  LF assistance with hissing studio monitor

Hi there...

I'm having trouble with one of my powered studio monitors and I wanted to know if this forum is a good place to get advice on how I can try to solve the issue, and if it is, which section is best for my issue.

A brief description:
Yorkville YSM-1 Active Studio Monitor
Unit works fine when first power on for the day
After approximately an hour, unit starts to emit hiss that doesn't exist at the input
Turning unit off then on solves the issue temporarily
If speaker is left on when hissing, eventually hissing starts to get quieter and quieter, but not back to inaudible level...
After about 2 or 3 hours, output of speaker is very distorted, but that too disappears temporarily by turning unit off then on...

I can include pictures and other information upon request...
I have a slightly above average knowledge of electronics so please be patient if I don't understand something right away...
I really don't have the money to pay my local music store $72/hr +parts to fix this when I can buy new monitors for $189... I'm hoping to avoid both of those options, as otherwise they sound fine...

Thanks so much in advance for any help at all...

Author:  Geek [ 08 Mar 2018, 00:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: LF assistance with hissing studio monitor

Hi, welcome!

I have repaired similar models and your problem is one of two things: bad electrolyic capacitor (most likely) or one of the IC's in the preamp is dying.

No schematic was available for those when I tried fixing them, so I had to "shotgun" repair it (replace all suspects in one go).

The shop rates you quoted are on par with ours, so if economy is your goal, I'd replace it and use this one to learn repair on for future fixes :D


Author:  zappazapper [ 08 Mar 2018, 16:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: LF assistance with hissing studio monitor

I have to apologize... I was talking with a friend on Facebook who is an electrical engineer, not an audio guy but he was giving me some advice on how to test certain things, and then he found this... ... 1p-171344/

I literally soldered out the cap, but a piece of bare copper wire in there, and after 4 hours there is no noise and no distortion... This is a problem that I've been putting off fixing for years, and it took me literally 3 minutes and a scrap piece of wire to fix... I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit pissed off...

Anyway, thanks Geek for responding, and sorry for wasting your time and anyone else who read my post...

Author:  Geek [ 09 Mar 2018, 01:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: LF assistance with hissing studio monitor

As long as the problem is solved :thumbsup:


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