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Greetings from Phoenix !
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Author:  cosmicmessenger [ 23 Dec 2008, 13:32 ]
Post subject:  Greetings from Phoenix !

Hello to everyone in the DIY land. :mrgreen: I don't know why I didn't notice this web site sooner.

I've worked in the semiconductor industry as an EEG tech for 25+ years, so I really like electronics (even as a hobby). I was reading Endspec's introduction (I feel for you man) and was wondering when the axe is gonna fall for us, as nobody seems to be buying electronic things. Hopefully things will pick up soon....
I just ordered a new Weller soldering station as my ancient Weller finally died. I have a few projects to work on during our extended factory shut down(s).
First will be a Ramsey digital FM transmitter kit I bought over a year ago. Next will be a K12M kit (with case) still in the box that was purchase 2+ years ago. I've been reading up on some of the mods you guys have been doing, and any input would be greatly appreciated. I could do the mods while building the kit (what a novel idea).
There's also the Marantz 250M with a blown output transisters that needs repaired, and last but not least, I would like to build Bruce Heran's KT88 mono block amps. I sold my Mesa Engineering BARON last year because of the incredable amount of heat it generated (ac unit was having a hard time, put a McIntosh MC252 into thermo reset ect), but I was thinking I could use them as winter time amps, then go back to my McIntosh MC501's in the summer time.
This sounds like a full time job just doing this one hobby. Some of my other hobbies include, flyfishing, motorcycles, and a project 1966 Chevelle Malibu. I wish I could afford to retire. 8-)
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great, safe and warm holiday.
Peace be with you all....

Author:  RiGuy [ 23 Dec 2008, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely hope you stick around and teach us something! There are a few of us that have build that K12M and modded it. My biggest improvements came from PIO caps and a new potentiometer. Snubbers are a good idea on this one. I forget the guys website but there is a very good modding site for this particular amp and most everyone follows his mods to a T.
Ah, here it is ... _Pull.html
Great great site. They guy really put his passion into this one.
Sounds like you will fit in well here. We have tube experts and fishing experts alike!

Author:  Gio [ 23 Dec 2008, 19:49 ]
Post subject:  K-12M Tube Amplifier Kits

Hi Lonnie and welcome.

The K-12 kits are pretty good. You will find a few that have been built on the S-5 Electronics tube amplifier kit page. You can't buy the K-12 kits anymore and the replacement K-8LS Tube Amplifier Kit does not seem to deliver the same performance.

What will you be using the transmitter for?


Author:  cosmicmessenger [ 24 Dec 2008, 00:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

Hi Guys and thanks for the info. Hopefully sometime after the 1st of the year, I will have the new Weller solder station, and soon after I'll be a kit makin' fool. 8-)
I had this crazy idea to use the FM transmitter for a whole house music system. I have about 1200 cd's ripped to hard drives as wav files. Using a Phillips remote to access the music files on the computer, I will hook the transmitter to the output of the DAC or tape out on my pre amp. Set the 2 frequencies the same on the transmitter and receiver and have all day music (and then some ). :headphones:
Anyway that's the theory, hopefully it will work (the way things go for me though, it will be a real learning experience). LOL
Thanks again.....
Take care, Lonnie

Author:  booangler [ 24 Dec 2008, 09:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !


Welcome to the forum. Post often, especially pictures, and bring freinds. Also, we have a music thread going here that could use some new blood. There are three of us who really try but more would definitely be merrier.

Looking forward to your participation.



Author:  Gio [ 24 Dec 2008, 10:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

cosmicmessenger wrote:
I had this crazy idea to use the FM transmitter for a whole house music system.

That is a common use, especially if you don't want to run wires all over the house or outside. It will be interesting to hear from you how it turns out it terms of sound quality. Can you post a link to the kit?

Author:  cosmicmessenger [ 24 Dec 2008, 16:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

Hello again ! I have attached 2 links, one for Ramsey Electronics and the other for the FM transmitter kit that I purchased.
Hope this works....LOL
Thanks again, Lonnie
PS: I have no affiliation with Ramsey Electronics, other than being a customer. ... &key=FM30B

Author:  RiGuy [ 25 Dec 2008, 09:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

That looks WAAAAY better than the little USB FM transmitter stick that I had and threw out.

Author:  Gio [ 25 Dec 2008, 12:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

Yeah, that looks a lot better than the cheap transmitter kits I have tried. Let us know how you make out.

Author:  cosmicmessenger [ 25 Dec 2008, 14:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Greetings from Phoenix !

Will do....
Happy Holidays to everyone here !!!
Peace be with you all
Take care, Lonnie

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