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McIntosh MR 7082 Tuner Issues
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Author:  Geek [ 04 Feb 2018, 14:28 ]
Post subject:  McIntosh MR 7082 Tuner Issues

Hi Folks,

Got a tuner here I believe the LC7207 is shot, but am hoping for an alternative to handing it back declared a boat anchor.

It came in with "manual" working OK, along with the FM memories, but no AM memory.

I replaced the rechargeable batteries (yes, they're good) and recapped it. Same problem.

I let it run for a few days, turned it off, then on... now no memories worked, but manual was fine.

Put it on the back burner for a bit (still running to keep the batteries chareged), but then upon switching from AM to FM again, FM locked up at 189.3 MHz and won't budge. No manual, no nothing.

I can even unplug all but the power wired to the board and it's locked at 189.3. I'd expect it to show zero when I did that as the frequency counter gets no input.

So, given it's a stupid P-MOS with unprotected gates (full ESD protocols were in place at the bench), I'm assuming it's the aforementioned unicorn-7207 :confused:

After much Googling, seems this happened only one other time, but everyone was stuck on changing the batteries (which he did, to no avail).


Author:  Peter W. [ 03 Aug 2018, 09:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: McIntosh MR 7082 Tuner Issues

Why? The LC7207 is cheap enough and readily available. If you are sure that is what it is, get one, pop it in and see what you get?

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