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Fix For Gunk on LPs
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Author:  gofar99 [ 25 Nov 2014, 18:00 ]
Post subject:  Fix For Gunk on LPs

Hi Everyone, It seems a device called an "In The Groove" dust remover for LPs (looks like a large lint roller with a gel coating) can leave a residue in the grooves. :bawling: The residue in turn collects dust and will not let go of it. The result is a very noisy record. :eek: The roller is not supposed to do this, but apparently does sometimes. At least it did on a number of my LPs. You could actually see something like a smudge on the LPs. The bad part is that the residue is very hard to remove. None of the normal LP cleaners would work on it. I tried several, both commercial and the diy variety. I finally found a rather odd way to get it off. Since the residue is apparently silicone based it resists most cleaners..... now hold on tight for how to get it off without ruining the LP.

Place the LP on a cloth surface so you can "scrub" it. Use full strength Goo Gone on a lint free soft pad and rub in line with the grooves. Flip the LP over and do the second side. Now wipe off the excess. Then spray with Simple Green to get the Goo Gone off. Wipe in the same way with another clean soft pad. Now do the second side (two cloth surfaces are recommended so you don't re contaminate the LP...I used terry cloth towels). Next I ran the LP through a "Spin Clean" with a mix of wetting agent (dishwasher stuff ... about 2 cc and non-concentrated "Dawn" also about 2 cc and filled it up with distilled water). Now rinse with warm tap water. I next used a record vacuum to dry the LP. Try to avoid getting the cleansers on the label area as they will damage it.

The end result is a very clean, noise free LP. Checking the stylus on the turntable after playing a few LPs showed no signs of residue that might have be still in the grooves. 8-)

All in all a really extreme way to clean LPs, but it worked. Several had really become un-listenable. The rationale is as follows. The Goo Gone will remove silicon oils but leaves a citrus based residue. The simple Green can remove the citrus residue, but it leaves a residue as well. The Dawn and wetting agent remove that well, but needs to be flushed off with plain water. I tried one LP with the Goo Gone and Simple Green mixed together and it did not work well. BTW do not use things like Goof Off....they dissolve vinyl! :hot:

Good Listening

Author:  booangler [ 10 Dec 2014, 11:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Fix For Gunk on LPs

Thanks for the information Bruce. I have had thoughts of trying that device but it just seemed to strange to me. I guess I'll stick (sorrry couldn't resist) to my Spin Clean.

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