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Salon Son & Image 2011 - Show Coverage
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Author:  Gio [ 30 Mar 2011, 22:42 ]
Post subject:  Salon Son & Image 2011 - Show Coverage

Hey folks, it's that time of the year again and this weekend I'll be in Montreal, Canada attending the Salon Son & Image 2011 show providing coverage for I've got a good camera this time around so I should be able to get some good photos.

If anyone has any suggestions for what they would like to see with regards to show coverage - post a note in here and I will do my best. If you are interested in some particular equipment that you can't audition in person, it will likely be at the show. Check the Exhibitors list and if the item will be there, let me know and I'll snap some photos and give you some subjective comments.

2011 Salon Son & Image Show Reports


Author:  Gio [ 01 Apr 2011, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Salon Son & Image 2011 - Show Cover

I'm at the show and so far I have taken a brief look though the show. There is too much for me to cover everything so I will focus on single-driver and high sensitivity speaker systems, headphones, tubes and the limited DIY content. I don't imagine anyone will complain about that. ;)

Our friends at Canada HiFi are also at the show and you can find more coverage at their site: ... -coverage/


Author:  Gio [ 01 Apr 2011, 18:13 ]
Post subject:  Orangutan O/96 High Sensitivity Speakers - SSI 2011

Some brief notes about the Orangutan O/96 High Sensitivity Speakers.


Author:  Gio [ 02 Apr 2011, 17:47 ]
Post subject:  Little Horn Speakers by Specimen Products - SSI 2011

The cute Little Horn Speakers by Specimen Products. The speakers use the Fostex FE108E Sigma in a unique looking horn.


Author:  Gio [ 04 Apr 2011, 16:08 ]
Post subject:  LafleurAudio X2 Speakers - SSI 2011

Photo of the Quebec made LafleurAudio X2 Speakers on display at the show. The Lafleur Audio X2 speaker uses two 5 inch ScanSpeak mid-bass drivers and a 1 inch soft dome ScanSpeak Tweeter in a 2.5 way design.


The speakers are in a heavily braced curved speaker enclosure and weigh about 55 lbs each.

Bass reflex 2.5 Way
Low frequency transductor : 2 x 5"
Ring dome high-frequency transductor: 1.5"
Frequency response: > 45Hz - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity (dB/2,83 V/m): 90 dB
Nominal impedance: 4 Ohms
Dimensions (HxWxD): 27 x 11 x 14 inches
MSRP $20,695

Author:  Gio [ 04 Apr 2011, 18:28 ]
Post subject:  New DIY Speaker Kit - SSI 2011

Quebec based was at the show and had a new DIY speaker kit on display which should be available soon. Details of the DIY speaker kit have not been finalized but Solen indicated that it would retail for about $550 and will likely be called "A4". The kit uses a wood cone driver and ribbon tweeter from Airborne.

For more information about the new speaker kit information see: DIY Speaker Kit - SSI 2011.

Here is coverage of the Solen room from the 2010 show: ... ge-23.html

Author:  Gio [ 05 Apr 2011, 10:21 ]
Post subject:  Ayon Triton KT88 Tube Amplifier - SSI 2011

Time for some tube p0rn.

This is the Ayon Triton KT88 Tube Amplifier.


The amp is switchable between Class-A Operation Triode (80W) or Pentode (125W) mode.
Tube Complement: 8x KT88, 6x 12AU7
Weight: 44kg
Cost: $8495

More info: ... riton.html

Author:  Gio [ 05 Apr 2011, 12:33 ]
Post subject:  Audio Note Jinro Integrated Tube Amp (SE 211) - SSI 2011

Audio Note Jinro Integrated Tube Amplifier on display at the 2011 Salon Son & Image show.


Wonderful sounding single-ended amp using 211 output tubes.

The tube compliment was two 5R4WGB rectifiers, two 211 output tubes and the front end consisted of one ECC82 (or 5814a) and one 7044 (or 5687).

Power output is 18Wpc into 8ohm @ 5% THD.
Weight: 85 lbs (27.5 kg)
Cost: $26,500

There is a full review of the Audio Note Jinro Integrated Tube Amp in the April 2011 issue of Stereophile.

Author:  Gio [ 05 Apr 2011, 13:17 ]
Post subject:  Nagra 300i Integrated Tube Amp (300B) - SSI 2011

Here is a photo of the new Nagra 300i Integrated Tube Amplifier.


The integrated amplifier uses four JJ brand 300B directly heated triodes in a push-pull configuration. The amp operates in class-A and the output power is 20Wpc.

Sorry, I did not get a price for the amp. Very fine finish and the sound was quite good, but not quite up to part to some of the single-ended amps at the show! ;)


Author:  Geek [ 05 Apr 2011, 18:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Salon Son & Image 2011 - Show Cover

"The only thing that stands between me and riches, is a moral compass" - a friend

That Specimen horn is cute! :D


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