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mod Aether Cone speaker for Alexa integration
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Author:  Steevo_Tabasco [ 06 Jan 2021, 09:30 ]
Post subject:  mod Aether Cone speaker for Alexa integration

Hi all, first post so be gentle please :-)

looking into whether it would be possible to add alexa functionality to a Aether Cone wifi / bluetooth speaker.

I have 4x of the speakers - I really like the sleek design and sound output from these, unfortunately they do not have any physical line in sockets (and manufacturer no longer in business so limited support for any software updates to add enhanced airplay-2 functionality etc.)

really want to be able to use these speakers with setup as multi-room or stereo surround setup.

Thinking would it be possible to solder on a Raspberry Pi with preinstalled Alexa software or a 3.5mm Line-in jack to the aether cones circuit board and connect to a Alexa using a 3.5mm cable.

is this a do-able project ? (would be willing to pay for the work as my background is in mech eng not electronics).

any thoughts or comments much appreciated.


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