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AC voltage output clamp
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Author:  M. Gregg [ 17 May 2019, 09:54 ]
Post subject:  AC voltage output clamp

Sorry for the repeat post.
I asked this question in a thread, however I thought some input from SS and all members might be interesting.
I.e. what's the effect of a Zener clamp in non-conduction.

A quick question,

Has anyone had any experience with voltage clamping the output on the M7 circuit.
Its a simple idea using Zener's shock horror shown here:
The reason I ask is the M7 circuit with output fed via a capacitor from the anode of the driver tube.
Obviously if the cap fails then its B+ on the output, which "maybe" why the circuit changed.

However that is not an issue if its clamped sinking the voltage in the 50K (2X 2Watt100K in parallel) anode load in fault condition.

Zener's are noisy in conduction but in no conduction situations? looking at the junction capacitance maybe.
Its obvious that the way to go is a self healing capacitor but that defeats the point when I'm looking at oil/ foil caps etc.
NB there were problems in the past with some old Jensen caps failing.
There are other ideas using neon's in non conduction etc.
So any thoughts would be interesting.

M. Gregg

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