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Author:  govie [ 15 May 2018, 03:59 ]
Post subject:  Amplifier Wisdom


My Technics SA-103 Amplifier is finally dying slowly, I want to attempt to make my own amplifier which atleast has my computer as a source and powers two's or similar.


I use the stereo speakers for music & gaming, sometimes I like to play some housesongs pretty loud but most of the time it is set at a normal volumelevel. I would like to design my own enclosure and component layot. So in general I would like to alter an existing design of a simple low distortion amplifier with sourceselection/volume/treble/bass/balance knobs.I designed a fancontroller 2 years ago based on a mic2941a, so my electrical knowledge is pretty poor but somehow I managed till now most of the time by putting alot of hours in... eventually. ;) Ofcourse I read alot about DIY amplifiers and watched some youtube video's about designing and building amplifiers. But besides answering some of my questions, it also raised alot more questions and doubts too and therefore I registered on this forum. Hopefully you guys & girls can help me on my way by answering the below questions:

1) Afaik tube amplifiers (class AB) have less distortion but use more power then integrated amplifiers (class D). I read about class T integrated amplifiers and that they produce a sound quality that comes close to that of AB tube-amplifiers. Therefore I assume class T is a good alternative if you are on a tight DIY-budget, but maybe more complicated to design and build. Seeing the speakers and inputs I will be using, are these assumptions correct?
2) Assuming that I am correct about my 2 preferred classes of amplifiers, how much would the total of components approximately cost for a tube AB amplifier and a Class T integrated amplifier that can power two magnat monitor B speakers? (rule of the thumb)
3) Would most people notice the amplifier-difference in sound quality in combination with my current speakers? (maybe my speakers are too mediocre to care about the difference between an AB-tube amplifier and a T-class intergrated amplifier)
4) Which amplifier would you guys & girls advice me to design/alter/build and maybe you could point out some buildplans, topics and stuff like that.

Thank you for reading & have a nice day!


Author:  govie [ 16 May 2018, 02:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Amplifier Wisdom

I found this guide on regarding a Class T stereo amplifier of about 40 watts, hopefully this amplifier combines well with my speakers. The guide offers alot of information. I could try to alter this design to get some controlknobs in there for treble/bass/balance & 3 more ways of input with a input-selectionknob. This class T amplifier guide could be my best bet, seeing how expensive tube amplifier components can be and how well and extensive the guide seems to be.

Only downside so far seems to be that a new toroidal of 300VA is about 60 euro's in my country without shippingcosts. That is more expensive then i thought. Maybe I can find a 300VA toroidal second hand, assuming they do not degrade alot over time. I am going to read to whole guide now.

Would this diy class T amplifier output a higher quality signal on paper then my current amplifier, the Technics SA-103?

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