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Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!
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Author:  fazidurrani [ 02 Apr 2017, 19:42 ]
Post subject:  Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!

Hi All,

I am new to Electronics and have some basic understanding. I've a subwoofer with builtin amplifier which has 8 pin din connector to connect to right satellite speaker. Right satellite speaker has RCA input jacks, volume control and power button. Circuit in Right side speaker takes RCA and feed the input to subwoofer amplifier on pin 5 and 6. pin no 7 feeds the amplified output to right speaker.
I've lost satellite speakers and now want to install RCA pins in the subwoofer box. So, i can use subwoofer with any aftermarket speakers. I've technical guide available but need guidance on how to do it?

I don't necessarily need volume functionality. i just want to install female RCA pins in the subwoofer and want to know if i can splice connections directly to pin 5 and 6 or do i need to add additional components. how i will feed the power to the subwoofer main IC?

Here is the link to the manual of circuit design (Both subwoofer and satellite speakers.) ... 0.pdf?dl=0

Alternatively, can i install this in the car? how i can setup the power source from car battery? any help would be much appreciated. thank you

Author:  gofar99 [ 03 Apr 2017, 08:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!

Hi, I looked over the schematic and I would seem to me that a better idea would be to get a sub woofer amp for a auto to run this in a vehicle. First the present amp requires both + and - 12 vdc. You would need to create the -12 in sufficient power to run the amp. Much easier to say than do. Second it appears that the sub input is at speaker power level and while you could use it when driven from an external amplifier it is designed to get its power from the existing amplifier. If what you want is a vehicle sub, then there are many choices both powered and not. I think it would be both better and cheaper to replace everything. Try Parts Express on the web and look at the various offerings. Many suitable amps (both with and without cases and controls) are in the $25 and less range.

Good listening

Author:  fazidurrani [ 03 Apr 2017, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your kind reply. Actually, This question i asked here to just do an experiment. :) I understood that its not feasible to install this in the car.
but can you please guide me how i can setup RCA input in the subwoofer and right speaker RCA output?

Author:  fazidurrani [ 03 Apr 2017, 18:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!

So, what i did is to cut the 8 pin din connector from 1 side. i've 8 cables now, i've already traced them. there is a mesh around the cable which i believe i can use as ground.

Pin 5 SRI +ve (i assume its right input)
Pin 6 SLI +ve (i assume its left input)
Pin 7 is the Right speaker +ve output.
Pin 1 is +12v
Pin 2 is -12v
Pin 3, Pin 8 and Right speaker negative are all connected to the ground.
Pin 4 is power input for power Amp IC.

So, should i just splice pin 5 to +ve of right RCA and -ve to ground mesh, pin 6 to +ve of left RCA & -ve to the mesh. will that input work?
what about connecting power, can i connect pin 1 to the pin 4? since pin1 has output +12v and pin 4 seems power input to POWER AMP IC, will that work? do i require to use pin 2 (-12V) anywhere?

Author:  gofar99 [ 04 Apr 2017, 20:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Adding RCA Input to the subwoofer amplifier circuit!!

Hi, Please clarify...are you trying to use the speaker alone, or trying to use the internal amp to power the speaker? If it is the latter then you will need to provide the -12 volts as well as the +12 volts in nearly every case. This is because many of the IC power amps use that arrangement for power. If all you want to do is use the speaker you will first have to determine if it has separate voice coils for left and right channels. My guess is not.

Good listening

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