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Spdif to dolby 5.1 amp
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Author:  Failure [ 23 Jun 2008, 12:50 ]
Post subject:  Spdif to dolby 5.1 amp

Hello, now before I ask this question I want to let you all know that I know next to nothing about diy audio. My goal is to build an amp to drive a 5:1 surround system with the spdif output form an ASUS Xonar D2 sound card. The only thing I know about 5:1 is that on my Logitech X-530 speakers is that it uses 3 - 1/8" jacks, one for front, one for rear, and one for center. How is the sub channel decoded from the three. The real question though is wheather this is worth the time, effort, and money or if I am going about this completely wrong. Either way please let me know, Thanks

Author:  Gio [ 23 Jun 2008, 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Spdif to dolby 5.1 amp

The 1/8" jacks are stereo and the sub signal is typically carried with that of the center. The manual confirms this ... 1126107772

That would not be a small project. Whether it is worth the time, effort and money is a personal matter. I'm sure it could be a lot of fun. Personally, my 5.1 (home theater) amp is a mass produced Sony. However, I have seen a lot of people making 6 channel amps for HT using gainclone / chip amp modules.

Hope this helps,

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