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Author: [ 11 May 2009, 18:48 ]
Post subject:  Misc. DIY Audio Projects

Just added to the site are Uriah's DIY instructions to build the Lightspeed Passive Attenuator. Since optocouplers are used for level control there are no "contact points" in the signal path of this attenuator. If you have an interest in good quality line-level controls, take a look at the DIY Lightspeed Passive Attenuator project page. The project could be easily scaled up to provide level controls for several channels from one control point.

Additional information is available in Gio's build thread: Lightspeed Attenuator / Audiohm Optocouplers / LDR and Uriah's thread: Lightspeed Attenuator - A passive attenuator. 2 resistors.

Author: [ 08 Sep 2009, 19:46 ]
Post subject:  High-End Headphone Amplifier

Kelvyn Shaw in the UK sent us a note with a link to his latest DIY Audio Project - a High-End Headphone Amplifier. The headphone amp is made using only premium components and built around the National Semiconductor LME49710 high-performance Hi-Fi operational amplifier ...

See: High-End Audiophile Headphone Amplifier for more details.

Author: [ 08 Sep 2009, 19:49 ]
Post subject:  Push-Pull Compactron Amplifier using TV Tubes

Pete Millett has a new Hi-Fi vacuum tube amplifier project on his website which is refereed to as: The "Engineer's Amplifier" - a distortion canceling push-pull amp using cheap TV tubes (!).


See Push-Pull Compactron Amplifier using TV Tubes.

Author: [ 24 Jun 2012, 19:55 ]
Post subject:  DIY Passive Volume Control with a Switched (Stepped) Attenua

Matt (Suncalc) has put together DIY passive volume control using an inexpensive ladder type stepped attenuator. The attenuator comes fully assembled and uses 1% precision metal film resistors on a make before break 2-pole (stereo) 24-position switch. Checking noise levels, Matt found that the that stepped attenuator has a noise figure which is about 26dB lower than a PEC hot molded carbon potentiometer of the same value. This project is very simple to build and should save you a good chunk of change if you are in the market for a simple passive hi-fi volume control.


See the DIY Switched (Stepped) Attenuator Passive Volume Control project page for full details.

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