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Author: [ 18 Nov 2008, 21:05 ]
Post subject:  Speaker Drivers

T/S parameter measurements of a pair of Fostex FE206E fullrange speaker drivers.

The drivers were measured using the Dayton Audio Woofer Tester 3 (WT3). The results were fairly close to those reported by Fostex.

Author: [ 20 Dec 2008, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  Dayton Audio RS100S-8 and CSS FR125SR Speakers

These drivers were measured a while back and I have finally put the data up on the site:
Both are higher Q drivers that will work best on an open baffle, sealed or aperiodic. The Dayton Audio RS100S-8 is a great preforming driver and considering it's low cost it provides exceptional value. See the pages for the T/S parameters and frequency response.

Author: [ 26 Jun 2010, 14:30 ]
Post subject:  Tang Band Speakers announces New Fullrange Drivers

New blog post: Tang Band Speakers announces Four New Fullrange Speaker Drivers

Author: [ 16 Sep 2012, 23:07 ]
Post subject:  Fostex FE206En Fullrange Speaker Drivers

Start of the Fostex FE206En Fullrange Speaker Driver page.

Author: [ 16 Sep 2012, 23:10 ]
Post subject:  fullrange speaker driver modifications and tweaks

Instructions and photos showing some basic modifications and tweaks to the Fostex FE206E and FE206En fullrange drivers.

Author: [ 11 Jan 2013, 12:53 ]
Post subject:  Fostex FE103En Fullrange Speaker Driver

We have started a new page for the Fostex FE103En fullrange speaker driver including T/S parameters measured using a Dayton Audio Woofer Tester 3 (WT3). The results were not very close to the Fostex datasheet parameters.

Also, there is a new page that outlines some modifications and tweaks for the small Fostex fullrange speakers.

Author: [ 25 Feb 2013, 18:43 ]
Post subject:  High Sensitivity Horn Super Tweeters

Hi all, we have recently added some notes and photos on a couple of the Fostex horn super tweeters.

Author: [ 29 Apr 2013, 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Fostex FT17H Horn Tweeters

We have added some information and photographs of the Fostex FT17H horn super tweeters.

Author: [ 09 May 2014, 07:15 ]
Post subject:  Tang Band W3-1878 and Fostex FF85WK Speaker Drivers

We have added notes, photos and measurements of a couple 3" fullrange speaker drivers.

Author: [ 22 Jan 2017, 11:04 ]
Post subject:  Audio Nirvana Classic 4+ speaker drivers

Hi, recently added to the speaker driver page is some information and photographs of the Audio Nirvana Classic 4+ Ferrite speaker drivers.

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