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Author:  Endspec [ 06 Sep 2008, 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Herb Alpert

I just picked up a Herb Alpert record "Going places" to replace my worn out one and when I got it home started to look closer and it is in spanish and pressed in Venezuela and has a different label on the record, still say A&M but totaly different. It sounds better than any of the us pressings of the Herb Alpert A&M records I have.
The cover is the same on the front and the back is in spanish though.

Author:  schubert [ 06 Mar 2011, 17:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Herb Alpert

All of the Tijuana Brass releases (except the second, which Herb Alpert didn't like) are available on superbly remastered CD releases. I didn't throw out my LPs, of course, but the CDs are nice. :D

Author:  Geek [ 07 Mar 2011, 03:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Herb Alpert

A lot of non-North American pressings sound better. A reason the RIAA/CRIA defends vigourously to keep them OUT of our countries :down:


Author:  gofar99 [ 28 Jan 2014, 16:21 ]
Post subject:  Herb Alpert

Hi All, I just snagged a few more LPs at the used books store. One is rather nice. Herb Alpert - Whipped Cream and Other Pleasures. In really good shape, quiet etc. My only beef is that the bass on it gets muddy from time to time. One track sounds more like a polka band than a south of the border brass band. I digitized it and when you look at the wave forms they are rather different from what you might expect. The drums and some other instruments have a very fast attack time. Another LP was a Ramsey Lewis Trio one. Also in great shape, but generally it is not to my taste. But at only $4.50 I can afford a few like that.

Something not exactly related is the quality of vintage vinyl. Stuff made before about 1980 seems usually well done and well stamped. After that it is hit or miss. I have very few old LPs that are not centered properly and several newer ones that are clearly not centered right. You can see the arm move side to side about 1/8 inch on some. For someone with perfect pitch this would be a nightmare.

Good listening

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