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Loop Antenna
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Author:  andreidaniel [ 26 Aug 2020, 06:21 ]
Post subject:  Loop Antenna

Hello everybody!
I would have just one question about loop antenna.
I have recently found out about two "radios" if I can name like this which are based on some types of antenna like: loop, bi-directional, dipole and, connected to some modules you can tune-in even as remote, them being mounted in different countries and by remote tunning you can tune-in long waves, medium waves, short waves and SSB and you can receive different stations from the different servers during day or night or depending by distance. I could also tune amateur band 3705KHz romanian.

Here are the adresses:


at the last one beeing a map and can be chosen which area you want.

It's interesting that from a source like Hungary I can tune into a west romanian station on 630KHz and also BBC on 198KHz. Is there a way if I would replace the ferrite rod from a radio with a cable or with a loop antenna and I would place it on the block of flats where I live of 8 floors to receive more stations on both long and medium waves during day and night?

Thank you very much!

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