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Microphone / Instrument cable - Hifi interconnect
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Author:  stresss42 [ 15 May 2015, 18:03 ]
Post subject:  Microphone / Instrument cable - Hifi interconnect

Hi all, new to the forum - new post. !

Was reading some of the comments regarding instrument / microphone cable for Hifi interconnects.

Been trying to decide which is the very best type to use ? I have some van damme XKE Instrument cable
which was very good...was wondering if the mogami / Sommer cable may be better at all ?

( Really struggling with the sheer number of cables out there - giving me a head ache!! ).....

Just single core and screen - Intend to use either Rean RCA plugs or Switch craft.

Thanks very much for any advice. Very best regards to all. Steve. .

Author:  M. Gregg [ 27 May 2016, 13:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Microphone / Instrument cable - Hifi interconnect


I use twin core and screen connected at one end or no screen and twisted pair or screen and twisted pair.
Pick your poison.
LCOFC perhaps. depends if its just interconnects or inside equipment.
The Van Damme mic cable is very good.

Or make your own.

I have used commercial cables in the past like Monster interlink ref 2, audioquest quartz, XLO.
Its a bit of a mixed bag really start with the Van Damme then make a silver cable and try it just for fun.

M. Gregg

Author:  M. Gregg [ 29 May 2016, 03:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Microphone / Instrument cable - Hifi interconnect

Just for clarity,

Regarding the two core its obvious but I'll post it anyway.
The two cores are one for the ground the other for the signal.
The screen is connected only at one end and that end is marked with some coloured heat shrink to identify it.

The idea is that you don't want a shield for RFI carrying the ground signal.
The signal has two wires not one and "Uses" both for signal transfer.

You plug the end connected to the shield into the equipment with the "Best Earth" ie some equipment like CD players have no Earth and are double insulated. I am selective of the solder type but its up to you. The end with no shield, to make it of cut the shield as close to the insulation as possible and pull the insulation over the shield then you only have the two cores to make off. Simple.

To make a simple interconnect:

Use insulated either silver plated cable or silver.
Twist the two cores with about a 20mm twist together cut a length of aluminium foil strip to cover the whole length.
Fold the foil in half down its length then open it up put the twist inside it. Then fold the remaining foil over and wrap around it.
It can be helpful to use some masking tape and hold the two ends of the twisted wire across a table so it stays straight when putting the foil over it.
Then take a bare sold core wire and wrap it around the foil about a 20mm twist to create a drain wire so it only comes out of one end slide a length of heat shrink over it (and shrink) and use as interconnect wire.
So you now have two cores and a drain wire connected at one end.
If you want to you can cover the core twist with masking tape to give another layer of insulation over the cores before you wrap the foil over it.

This is how I wire internally in equipment for signal connections and I connect the drain wire to the chassis or Ground.
In this instance a shield or drain is a shield not signal (an extension of Chassis screen etc) like putting the wire through a non magnetic tube.

If a wire is line level and is driven from a current source then you can use just a twisted pair no shield sometimes its better depends on the situation.
The drain wire is just standard copper nothing special.

In this instance its only my thoughts you get a capacitor with a dielectric made of the insulation between conductors and conductors and ground so I use Teflon/PTFE insulated wire.

I have seen people use plumbers PTFE tape to wrap the twist before the shield but I have never found any noticeable difference. YMMV.

I also use this on hard wired PCB's for short lengths between components across a board. Anything over about 40mm and bond the drain to the ground plane. (which shouldn't have any through hole connections)<<side issue for another time.

M. Gregg

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