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PTFE and Teflon (R)
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Author:  Geek [ 16 Jan 2012, 17:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: PTFE and Teflon (R)

And I hope those trademarks ARE ruled invalid... they are part of our language and culture.

A few years ago, Coca Cola tried to take-back Santa Claus in his current form (which was Coke's invention.... it was Kris Kringle before, or another figure more resembling the Dutch Sinterklaas). Well... Coke was laughed out of court and all the appeals.

M$ lost the rights to VFAT, becuase it became so common use for interoperability, it was too dangerous to have one company control it.

Some things should be lost ;)


Author:  Johnny2Bad [ 18 Apr 2017, 00:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: PTFE and Teflon (R)

You will find all kinds of apparently trivial or silly lawsuits, but keep in mind the defence of trade mark law. Because failure to defend leads to invalidation, companies really have no choice but to go to court sometimes. I'm sure they would be just as happy to fire some lawyers and save the expense, but they can't as a matter of practicality.

Kleenex® has been invalidated in many jurisdictions, Aspirin® , Band-Aid® , all these are in danger of, or in some cases have been, declared invalid. I don't know the details but I know Bayer had some trouble in the US with Aspirin® . Here in Canada no problem. Perhaps the most obvious example would be Heroin, once a trade mark, now invalidated pretty much worldwide.

The modern method of protecting marks is to use defining words along with them, which makes it more difficult to make a mark invalid ... carefully using phrases like "Kleenex® tissue" or "Kleenex® brand tissue" instead of just "Kleenex® ", for example.

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