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FS: SE KT88 stereo tube amp
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Author:  fp2000 [ 13 Apr 2016, 15:24 ]
Post subject:  FS: SE KT88 stereo tube amp

for sale is my homebuilt single-ended KT88 stereo tube amp, very similar to the project listed on this website. It only has minor modifications on the power supply.
I only used hi end components included but no limited to solen capacitors, mundorf coupling caps, edcor power transformer, transcendar output transformers, quality input and speaker connectors.
This amp was built using a very high quality and slightly modified circuit board to match the schematic from this website.
It has no more than 30 hours of use, and it sounds fantastic, better and better as time goes by.
It is wired for triode mode, but it can be modified for ultralinear, it's a matter of preference and use. The way it is setup right now allows for vocals and string instruments to shine. The best sound I have ever heard, and my pair klipsch speakers is not even the best. But the amp still manages to drive them really nice. I've tried the amp with a set of old technics and the results are phenomenal.
It has the correct 6n1p-ev on the driver section and a pair of Genalex GL KT88's on the power section.
The amp is sold as is. It is in perfect working condition.
I am asking $850,00 o best offer. Plus $35 shipping and handling only to the 48 continental US.
Cash only

Disclaimer: this is a tube amplifier which has very high voltages inside, so unless you are familiar and experienced in tube amp repair, please do not attempt to service it yourself, find a technician.

Please contact me via this website if you would like to discuss.
I live in Tampa FL, so if you would like to demo it we can arrange to do so. Also if you want to buy and pick up the amp yourself that is also ok.
Thanks for looking

Author:  fp2000 [ 26 Apr 2016, 17:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: FS: SE KT88 stereo tube amp

Hi everyone, I have not heard the first offer. Believe me you will not get an amp like this anywhere else.
I should say I take paypal as well. The amp is packed and ready to go. If I don't sell it within the next couple of weeks it will have to go to auction.
Just to get some action going I am lowering the price. $750 shipping included to 48 continental US.

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