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813 tube stereo amp
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Author:  tuck82 [ 29 Feb 2016, 18:42 ]
Post subject:  813 tube stereo amp

I just seen a message about using an 813 tube for a stereo amp. I wasn't aware I could use this tube. My hobby is ham radio. I just moved to a one bedroom apartment in a 9 story building. Before I moved I had planned on building an 813 linear amp. I have the tube, transformers and most of the required parts. If I can use these items for a stereo amp I will. Does anyone have projects for a stereo amp using these components? Also, do I need a preamp for this? I want to mostly use this to run an older turntable and maybe a receiver. Thanks to one and all for creating this outstanding site TOMJ

Author:  Peter W. [ 12 Aug 2016, 12:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: 813 tube stereo amp

Any older (non-USB) turntable will require a phono pre-amp. Whether you do this with a separate device or include it in the amp is up to you. But a a DIY tube phone amp is not a trivial undertaking.

What you ask is certainly possible and the 813 has a good reputation for making a decent SE triode amp. Just run a google search. You will need special S (Single) E (ended) output transformers, however. There are also any number of PP (Push-Pull) designs as well - again, depending on your output transformer design. As you are in a tiny apartment, SE may be fine assuming reasonably efficient speakers.

Good luck with it!

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