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For Sale: Wood-Cased CMoy amplifier
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Author:  BowToEd [ 19 Mar 2013, 01:57 ]
Post subject:  For Sale: Wood-Cased CMoy amplifier

Pictures are worth 1000 words, so...




It's a CMoy. The power IC is an OPA2134, the volume control is a generic carbon-track potentiometer and the wiring is all generic-grade. It works perfectly well as a headphone amplifier or a preamplifier due to its +/- 9v supply. Also, it is good for someone who likes to tweak projects such as could replace the signal wire with shielded OFC copper or something else of your choosing.

The case is made of wood. I stained some wooden sticks and put them together into a box. The top and bottom plate are aircraft-grade aluminum and are held to the wood with sheet metal screws that can be fastened by someone with a strong grip. The hardware binding the box to the metal plates are zinc-coated steel and the hardware binding the circuit board and battery clips to the plate are socket-head, stainless steel screws.

The screws in the plates should not be over-tightened; the wood is not extremely hard and you may cross-thread the holes if they are over-tightened. The volume control knob is perfectly accessible between the input and output jack ( I have large fingers and can manipulate it fine ) but it is too close to install a stylish knob, therefore you have the bare pot shaft. Also, the battery life on the amplifier is not that great. With heavy use, I get about 10 hours using cheap carbon-zinc 9v batteries and about three times that with the more expensive alkaline. If you are a modder, you may be able to increase this.

Normally, CMoy amplifiers go for around $30 on eBay in the Altoids' tin. Since this is an enclosure that I made and it looks a little sleeker, I would like to get $45 for it. I like in Washington state (USA) and would primarily like to ship within the lower 48 states. Also, I deal mainly in Paypal. However, if you don't meet the above criteria or you don't like the price, please message me and I will talk with you about it. Maybe we can work something out.


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