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WTB: Fisher Series 51 mono tube amp
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Author:  yspm [ 04 Jan 2009, 09:07 ]
Post subject:  WTB: Fisher Series 51 mono tube amp

I have an amp salvaged from a "The Fisher" chassis 51 consolette. I am looking for a matching mono tube amp with which to make a stereo pair. The amp I have looks like this:

I am only seeking the amp, but a series 51 console unit may look like one of these:

Author:  booangler [ 04 Jan 2009, 11:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for a Fisher Series 51 mono tube amp


Another option is FREECYCLE and Craiglist I have been successful on both of these sites. I used an add that said something like this:
Wanted your Grandparents old HiFi Console...

Worked well. FREECYCLE is really meant to be free, so do not pay for anything.

Hope this helps.


Author:  yspm [ 04 Jan 2009, 11:10 ]
Post subject:  The Fisher Series 51 Mono Tube Amp Console Schematic and BOM

Thanks - excellent advice.
The tube sockets are labeled: 5Y3 (1), EL84 (2), 12AX7 (1) and 6SC7 (1)
Here is the BOM & sch, not sure if they match what I have perfectly.

Author:  fish [ 20 Feb 2009, 20:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for a Fisher Series 51 mono tube amp

i've got one but have no way to email ebay id is ceo-sezso

Author:  Chuckie9 [ 10 Aug 2009, 20:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: WTB: Fisher Series 51 mono tube amp

Hello, I saw your post and am curious if you found the matching amp you sought? If not, would you consider selling it as a parts unit? If yes, does it work? Do you have any of the tubes that are missing? I am restoring a unit that originally held this amp. If you did find an amp for yourself do you have for sale any of the following:1) knobs; 2)spindle for 45s; 3)cartridge; 4)turntable or parts? You may give me a quick phone call (607-724-3425) and I will return your call as long as it is in the USA.

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