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For Trade: 10K Ohm Attenuator For Wire
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Author:  JimOfOakCreek [ 19 Jan 2011, 15:36 ]
Post subject:  For Trade: 10K Ohm Attenuator For Wire

I have an 10K Ohm Attenuator w/an Aluminum knob. I checked it out with a multimeter. It works perfectly. I'm looking to trade for some 20 AWG (approx) silver plated wire. I will pay for shipping in N. America.

Author:  Thatch [ 16 Sep 2011, 07:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: For Trade: 10K Ohm Attenuator For Wire

If you are looking for wire that is for signal I have some single crystal OFC magnet wire that does this very well. There is no silver plate and the guage is more like 26. This wire used to be sold under a trademark, but as far as I know is no longer on the market. I bought a partial spool of it at the SHOW in Las Vegas at the part of CES devoted to high end tube amp based audio. I know it is not coated with silver but I use a wire for a ground bus, wire for running power to tubes, caps and resistors to ground and this for signal.
It is coated with some kind of shellac and does not need protection from shorts. It works best if you have a solder pot to burn off the insulation and tin the ends where you will make your solder joints.
I am a hobbyist, not in business, do not sell wire but do trade sometimes. If you want examples of this wire being used by amp builders and makers of cables and interconnects I can supply them to you by PM or email.
David Thatcher (former professional cork dork)

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