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Author:  CrazzyAbtTubes [ 11 Jul 2009, 14:30 ]
Post subject:  HK12BGC-2 DAC?

I found two of these chips in a bag of parts I have. They are mono 12 bit DAC made by Datel Intersil and was wondering how good of a DAC they would make?

I also found an HX12BGC ADC A/D converter. :confused:

Author:  RiGuy [ 11 Jul 2009, 14:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: HK12BGC-2 DAC?

Well, they are listed on Avnet as "murata power solutions" and sell for $111 min of 25 I think. WOW. May not be super for audio but I wonder if you could buy an audio dac with similar pinout then build a circuit for it and then make sure it works then remove your audio dac and put this one in place to see what happens so that you are not 'experimenting' with a 111 dollar chip only to break it somehow.
What if it works? No other audio nut will have the same dac!
DAC-HK Series Datasheet

Author:  Gio [ 11 Jul 2009, 15:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: HK12BGC-2 DAC?

I say sell them and buy some tubes with the proceeds! :lildevil:

Author:  CrazzyAbtTubes [ 11 Jul 2009, 17:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: HK12BGC-2 DAC?

I actually agree with that idea, but with the data sheet I could make a seperate DAC, since I've always wanted one, but at 12 bits it probably wouldn't sound remotely as good as the TDA1543 that is in my phillips Cd player.

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