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Author:  Bubbagump00 [ 23 May 2010, 16:15 ]
Post subject:  Electronic Music Box

Is there any sort of PCB out there that will store just one song and only play that song when turned on? I'm trying to build an electronic music box, and need to get some sort of PCB or music player that is small and will allow me to put the song of my choice on it (not record, but copy via computer).
Ideally, it would be perfect to have a PCB that I can copy my song to, and when it is turned on, it plays the song, when turned off, it doesn't. Something simple. How should I go about this? Thanks!

Author:  kkkittehz [ 02 Jun 2010, 14:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: Electronic Music Box

Hi, how about finding a really cheap mp3 player on eBay and then removing it from its case and then putting it in your project box. you can get a very cheap usb stick style mp3 player and if you want, solder different buttons onto its PCB so you can play the song and rewind it etc.

If I was doing it thats what i would do but then... :D


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