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Kitchen project
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Author:  soundoutlad [ 09 Jul 2019, 19:40 ]
Post subject:  Kitchen project

Hi everyone,
I,m new to this forum and I joined to discuss an idea that I have to build a new music system for my kitchen. This comes out of a desire to put high quality sound into a room where people spend quite a lot of time. This room is about six meters square and currently music (radio and streamed) is coming from a Nad 7020e receiver and a pair of DIY speakers. I didn't make the speakers and can't figure out the make of driver, but they're 5" diameter.
For the new system I'd like to stream music through a DAC to a 6cy7 set valve amp (Suncalc's design) so I'd need to get started on a pair of suitable efficient speakers. I thought of putting a pair of Fane 12-250tc into nice big boxes but unfortunately it's hard to get some free wall space especially in a kitchen. I could always throw out the fridge and dishwasher but if they were to go then my wife would go soon after. I'd need to be practical.
So then I thought about the numerous Fonken cabinet designs that will suit mid sized and efficient Fostex (and probably other) drivers. These are mostly bookshelf designs,are moderately compact and so should be able to slot in between cupboards and appliances. Using this type brings up a number of questions.

Are they sufficiently efficient?
Assuming they are efficient, is bass output compromised?
If bass is limited, do I need a subwoofer?
If I use a subwoofer, does that effectively increase the power of the amp, by how much?
If I go in that direction, do I lose some of the "magic" of a SET- fullrange combination?

I'm not overly hung up on 20hz to 20khz music reproduction, I doubt my ears can hear much above 15khz, and at the lower end I do like some reasonably accurate bass even if it doesn't go all the way down. I think it adds to the atmosphere if we feel vibration even when our brains don't register the sound as coming from our ears.
Looking forward to suggestions,

Author:  ILoveHiFi [ 09 Jul 2019, 20:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kitchen project

bass will not be limited if you have a proper box and speaker of large size.
Subwoofer will not increace power of amp.
Your volume is still limited by how much your midrange output power capability

Author:  soundoutlad [ 10 Jul 2019, 12:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Kitchen project

Thanks for clarifying, if a subwoofer and plate amp will only contribute to lower frequencies then I can put that on the back burner and concentrate on building the best performing fullranger within my size limitations.

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