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Blown Speakers?
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Author:  nodz [ 18 Jan 2019, 23:49 ]
Post subject:  Blown Speakers?

Hi Everybody,

Just thought I'd ask a question. How do you actually verify that you have blown a speaker? I think I may have blown the tweeter in a set of Power Dynamics PD-SM6 200W powered speakers (2 x 100W max, 2 x 50W music power).
However, no idea how I've done it, they've only been played through a Traktor S4 (DJ deck) and never more than about 1/2 main vol, (never in the red). Also, controls on back of speakers, never more than half volume. All I know that at certain frequencies and it doesn't matter whether I'm using Traktor/Abelton Live/iTunes (computer programs), once I get the computer system volume to about 50%, they break up as the mids to low-highs start to come in. Although, I am not sure, whether it is the larger diameter 6" woofer or actually the 1" tweeter. They are being used in conjunction with an AVE Fusion 10S sub-woofer. Also doesn't matter whether I play it through the soundcard on the Traktor S4 or whether I use a Behringer uca222 soundcard. Sorry if off topic, but any idea, what I can try before potentially replacing the speakers, or verify that it's something else.


Author:  ILoveHiFi [ 22 Jan 2019, 20:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blown Speakers?

When your testing make sure you've turned eq off so no clipping is occuring at your music source.

You can then try tone generator and do a sweep, if theres no sound in low or highs then you can nail out if tweeter or woofer is damaged.
if woofer is damaged you should hear some weried sounds kind of like scratcing at 10-20hz with plently of speaker movements at meduium high powers. This means the voice coil is touching the sides of the spekaer magnetic and the woofer is gone.
Sometimes woofers can still sound perfectly normal even when voice coil is touchign the magnets, this trick helps identfy plorbems so you can replace for best sound.

It could also be your speakers clipping since 6.5inch is not rated for much power

Author:  turk 182 [ 09 Apr 2019, 09:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blown Speakers?

almost need an O'scope to see if the distortion is being created by your source device driving the input of your powered speakers to hard.

fast transients from a clipped source can take out a tweeter in the blink of an eye even though metering would have you thinking that the average power is well below limits.

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